Take the time

Take the time


I wrote this poem to remind myself. It is hard these days to be calm and have enough time to live in a good harmonies of life. We always get rush, lack of time. But in fact, if you look clearly how we spend time these days, we will see how much time we keep look at our phone and forget what is happening around us.

This is just a small note. Hope it could be useful to you as well.


Take the time to make a good look at yourself
See if your life is living with a meaning or at least a purpose
See if you take a good care for yourself
Do exercise, eat healthy food and make enough sleep.

Take the time to look at your kids
See if their teeth grow well
See if they have enough food to eat
See if they drink enough water
Spend the time with them
Show them example, explain them how to take a good care of themselves.

Take the time to call your parents,
Visit them and see if they are short of money
See if their health is in a good condition
Spend the time with them and have a good family dinner.

Take the time to call your friends,
Ask for a drink or two,
See if they have any special need you could help
Spend the time with them, share the good memories together.

Take the time to organize your life,
Minimize your mobile screen time now,
Make a good choice and take the time to live your life.


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