What Do You Want Cambodia To Become?

Cambodian Kids

My kids are sleeping, including my beautiful wife.

It’s now 4 AM in the morning. I just made a good sleep of 4 hours or so.

I am fully awake.

There is something I wanted to write. I can’t refuse myself to take a part of it. I want my children to have a good future. I want them to have a good education and live in a clean environment. I want them to enjoy the modernization and have full access to an efficient medical care.

They, themselves, might want or need other things. But these are the essentials of a lifestyle I want to provide to them.

Look at Cambodian society today, what are the changes you want to bring to our people?

Don’t wait for politicians to fool you around with their speech. Each of us needs to figure out what changes we want to bring to our country.

What do you want Cambodia to become?

I hope everyone starts to ask this question. You might want to reduce the traffic jam we are facing every day. You might want to have more parks and playgrounds for the kids.

It doesn’t matter if it is big or small. The essential is to know what we want.

When you figure out what you want, start to ask yourself another question: what you can do today to make the change. Stop complaining to the government or other people.

For example, to reduce the traffic jam, you might want to get up early and go to the office a bit earlier.

There’s always something you can do to improve the situation.

If each individual starts to improve his/her life, the society will move forward.

I look forward to seeing Cambodian politician show their policies and resolutions to the problems we are having. I envy to see them debate the big issues of the country.

Stop comparing politic to the game of chess or any Chinese legendary. Cambodian politics, since the early days, were full of secrets. It is time to make it simple to understand.

Don’t be afraid to confess if you make a mistake. You are not going to loose face. People will admire you when you are responsible for your own doing.

I want Cambodia to become a country that is strong in economy and technology. I want to see Cambodia full of human resources and skilled people.

I want all of us to share the same dream. Because when we have the same dream, we will be able to work together, share knowledge to each other and it would be a very big benefit to the country.

Today, I don’t have any idea what is the vision of Cambodia in the next 5 years or 10 years. What will we become in Asia and in the world?

Are government trying to share such information to their own people? It is important that each citizen knows all these things.

Photo by Thiago Rocha on Unsplash

Author: Santel Phin

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