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Khmer Golden Songs

I am not sure how many fans out there that still like listening to Khmer Golden Oldies Songs? This is really a personal collection. But then, I asked myself maybe this playlist could give some good mood to others as well? especially to those people in my generation.

Finally, I decided to share it here.

These are the first top 25 Khmer Golden Oldies Songs that I like the most. I’ve set a few criteria before I selected these songs:

  • They are not too sad
  • They are not traditional songs or any kind of dance
  • Have High Quality available on YouTube

Luckily, thanks to a few YouTube channels such as: Mulansph, athch5 and Cambodian Vintage Music Archive, we can listen to a lot of very high quality of Khmer Oldies.

Let’s start our selection!

1. Anusavry Battambang – Sinn Sisamouth

This is one of the best songs about Battambang. When we listen to this song, we will want to visit the city itself. I heard this song since I was young. It created a lot of imagination in my mind before I was able to visit the city.

Until now, even after listening to it thousand times, the song still has something to tell us.

The song describes about the memory of his childhood in Battambang city. He recalled a lot of well known places, including a girl he used to know.

2. Beu Oun Nov Chit Bong – Sinn Sisamouth

This song is short but expresses well the feeling of wanting someone to be near us, accompanied by a nice guitar melody.

If you have a crush for someone, this song is for you.

3. Chom Reang Snea – Sinn Sisamouth

This song is not easy to sign but I believe a lot of people have tried because they want to express feeling for someone.

The lyric is quite similar to “Wonderful today” of Eric Clapton. It describes about the beauty of a woman who he is willing to live the rest of his life with her.

4. Chantrea Ras Heuy – Sinn Sisamouth

In the old days, people usually compared a woman to a moon. Everyone sees the moon and enjoys its beauty every night. But no one knows who the moon will belong to.

There are thousand different ways to I love you without saying it. This song has a particular method to express feeling toward someone in an indirect way.

5. Chet Chit Kbot – Sinn Sisamouth

It is inevitable that we get disappointed in love, especially when a relationship has reached its end. The best way is to look at each other in a positive way and try to see if we can bring our love back. As we all know, there’s no happy breakup.

6. Chivit Khnhom Somrab Te Neak – Sinn Sisamouth

If you have confidence in your relationship with someone, this song is for you. Nothing is more important than keeping a faithful love and commit to sacrifice everything for love.

Make your declaration by signing this song for someone, I am sure you will see a smile on his or her face. They will understand your feeling.

7. Kampong Thom Chumrum Chet – Sinn Sisamouth

You should not allow your heart to be easily attached to a woman because after that, you won’t be able to get her out of your mind.

When you listen to this song, you will feel his feeling is strong even he knows it is an impossible love.

It is really nice to hear this song, especially for those who are familiar with Kampong Thom province.

8. Kampot Kampoul Chet – Sinn Sisamouth

Even after so many years, Kampot is still a beautiful small town to visit. This song will make us want to revisit again the city.

9. Kheung Pros Srolanh – Sinn Sisamouth

Jealousy is bad. If you are in a relationship, you should not allow jealousy make you become anger and lost control of your emotion. It is just a state of mind. You should understand and be able to control it.

It is better to have trust in someone you love.

10. Khnong Phnom Anusavory – Sinn Sisamouth

Sometimes, instead of wanting more things, we can sit back and recall to the good memories we have. This song describes the memory of their trip on the mountain.

The exact location is not told in the song but we imagine they might visit Bokor or Mondulkiri or maybe Kirrirom. These are still good locations if you like to make a trip to the mountain.

11. Kyol Samot – Sinn Sisamouth

To most of the people, you might miss the beach, especially Sihanoukville. Things have been changed recently. As today, you can visit some of the beach at Otress and Ochheuteal.

The restaurants along Ochheuteal beach have re-opened, even Sihanoukville itself is still packed with Chinese.

12. Luoch Sneh Luoch Tuk – Sinn Sisamouth

It is quite easy to fall in love with someone but it is hard to confess it. You should have courage and take your time to express your feeling.

This song gives you enough evident that you are not alone with this situation. Keep expressing your feeling, one day you will get positive result.

13. Min Yul Te – Sinn Sisamouth

Maybe this particular song was written mainly for men. Keep it somewhere so that you can find it when you need to listen to it. From time to time, you will face such situation.

There’s no need to ask the world to stop turning. What you need to do is to make the situation better. Do not make the argument getting worst. Keep persisting and show the willing you want it to be end.

At the end, you don’t understand a thing but the situation will get better.

14. Nov Te Prathna – Sinn Sisamouth

It is not bad if you want to commit into a relationship. If today she refuse your love, tomorrow she might accept it. It depends on how strong your feeling is.

Persistence could be a good strategy to win women’s heart.

15. Pkay Preuk – Sinn Sisamouth

I like this song since my childhood. Listen to it thousand times. The meaning of this song is universal and it describes the situation that so many people have experienced.

16. Pruos Te Oun – Sinn Sisamouth

It’s a happy song to sing and warm up our love. This song is easy to sing alone. You might want to learn and sing it for someone.

17. Reatrey Mort Stung Sangke – Sinn Sisamouth

It is one of the most well-known song from Sinn Sisamouth. It has a very deep meaning and it is hard to think positively toward to an ended relationship.

It is sad but we have to keep hope in our mind.

18. Roub Oun Neng – Sinn Sisamouth

It is an enjoyable song to listen, especially when you are falling in love with someone. Keeping faithful to someone you love is a key to happiness.

19. Samroung Chongkale – Sinn Sisamouth

I found this song occasionally when I listen to the cover made by Ma Chan Panha. Personally, I prefer the version guitar that Panha made but since we collect the songs by Sinn Sisamouth, I decide to keep his version, even the quality is not so good.

20. Somros Koh Kong – Sinn Sisamouth

Simply after listening to this song, we all will want to visit Koh Kong. It describes very well the city at that time.

Do not be disappointed if when you visit the city itself, things have changed. This song has been written since 60s, 70s.

21. Stung Keo – Sinn Sisamouth

Sometimes, a relationship is ended but we still cannot accept it. All the memories are still here, they won’t disappear as time goes by.

This is a personal affair, no one can help you beside yourself. Let it go and time will help you to forget things.

22. Theub Mouy Pon Dang – Sinn Sisamouth

This is a very lovely song. Make some private time with someone you love. Bring her to visit some beautiful places. These are the things that could keep our relationship last long.

23. Thngai Na Mean Sangkhim – Sinn Sisamouth

It is a bid sad to listen to this song. However, we should not lost hope. Life needs to be go on, with or without love.

24. Thnorm Chet – Sinn Sisamouth

It’s sweet, persistent and express clearly the feeling we have for someone. There are not so many people could express such details feeling. The more you listen to it, the more you will understand.

25. Yub 12 Keut – Sinn Sisamouth

This is also a song that will keep your heart warm, filled with love. The combination of well written lyric and golden voice of our unforgettable singer Sinn Sisamouth made this song very popular.

We will stop our collection here, I am sure there are a lot good songs out there that we not yet collect.

I made a YouTube Playlist that combine all these songs together. You can find it here: Khmer Song Golden Oldies – Playlist 01

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