Why can’t i just love you?

Why can't I just love you

If the morning still comes, one after one
It’s because I need another day,
To find the words,
To write them down,
To find the way,
To let you know,
That I love you and I will always do.

If the wind still blows, from place to place
It’s because I need them to transport my message,
From me to you, far away
To let you know,
That I am right here,
Waiting for you,
No matter how long it will take, I will wait.

If the rain is still falling down, drop after drop
It’s because I like to sit here,
Near my window,
Spending my time,
Watching the rain,
And at the same time,
I could think about you,
The rain is beautiful, exactly as how you look like.

If the birds are still singing, louder and louder
It’s because I ask them to sing a song,
The song that I wrote especially for you,
And when you hear it,
You would know,
You would feel,
How long I have waited for you
How much I love you, how much I care about you.

If you still hear the sermons, from pagoda to pagoda
It’s because I am praying for you,
I am praying to meet you one day,
I will bring you to Van Restaurant,
I will bring you to Chinese Restaurant,
I will bring you to Pizza Company,
I will bring you to KFC,
Anywhere you like, I will invite you a dinner.

If the empty Cyclo is still there, down the Sisowath Quey
It’s because I ask the driver to wait,
I know soon or later you will arrive,
You and I, we will make a ride,
Around the City,
To the Riverbank,
To Wat Phnom,
To Phsa Thmey,
And you will see how happy I am, to have you near.

Everything is possible my dear, even you are near or far
Why can’t I just love you?
Why can’t I just think about you?
Why can’t I just miss you?
And if even you don’t exist,
Why can’t I just create you?


Written with accompany of music from Yiruma – Love me

Photo Source

The post was written and published on Aug 13, 2010. From time to time I will republish the post I like the most. Hope this could give you a new experience to old but good contents on KhmerBird.

Peace and love

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  1. apsara_cam says

    such a sweet poem kb! hope you can find that someone special very soon. and if she’s exist don’t let this chance blow off your hand. good luck to you ….

  2. says

    oh it is not a parole, not even a poem but it’s just a text. the music was inspiring me to find the way.

    i listened to this music while i wrote the text and i think it could become an accompanying music for my text, that’s why i put the music here :-)

  3. says

    Very beautiful song!
    But when i listen to the music I didn’t read the message above (Written with accompany…) and i doubt why there is only music!!?? LOL ^-^

  4. says

    Hi, How are you Khmer Bird?
    Your website so good now…
    I will come back to visit and listening to the sweet song.

    Hope you have more sweet songs.

  5. pheaktra says

    Beautifully written! The accompanying music sounds great too!

    If she really exists, hope she’ll know how much you love her soon! :) Which girl would not be moved by such a romantic and full-of-feeling song specially written for her? ;)
    Good luck to you ^_^

  6. says

    sorry just correct KFC, i never been there myself LOL
    BOL, i visited Van restaurant last Monday with Kem and his wife, but just to have a drink there. the owner and the house got a long history. i will write about the restaurant more in LAK, but i can imagine about the menu there ;-)
    Kane, thank for the comments, i am glad u like it.

  7. says

    hello KB.. i went to Van Restaurant yesterday to join my friend’s birthday party.. I arrived a bit earlier than others.. someone bring a Menu for me to choose what i wanted to eat.. i thought about an easy food but in fact it was not easy to find in that Menu.. i looked lelf and right in the Menu book ( lelf side is the food’s name/title and right side is the price).. i finally found it.. it was a Steak with salad (they said Aussie’s steak).. it cost 19us$ and a bottle of coke, 2.5us$.. the sauce was ok but when i asked for chili they said NO HAVE HERE!.. Van Restau. is a nice place.. 60’s French-colinial-building.. it’s a 5star Retau..


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