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I was looking to present good web hosting, Web Design company in Cambodia. I think this is important today for any small business or enterprise to have a proper company website. The company website would be the first place where people go to find information about the company’s background and vision. That’s the perfect place where company can explain exactly what they are cable to do.

I was looking around and have found Serving Web Solution. I was fascinated about their clients and projects on going. They have hundreds of clients. What I could tell in brief about Serving Web is that they provide full range of Web solutions: starting from Domain Registration, Web Hosting, Web Design and Email Service.

Their packages are designed specifically for the need. Their basic light package started from only $35.98/year and enterprise package where you can have almost everything unlimited for only $99.98/year.

I know they are busy for the on-going projects. I contacted Siline Yh, director of Serving Web Solution and he is happy to answers some of my questions as below:

Santel: First thank for accepting the interview and really sorry to keep this delay so long, I heard about your company “Serving Web” quite a while and used to visit some of your client sites as well, the company was created in 2006, how to get such hundreds of clients in short period of time?

Siline: Yes, my company started in late of 2006 after I sold my other old company Cambodia One-Click Communication out to partner and start to run my own service at my own house named SERVING WEB SOLUTION. The reason why I got such hundreds of client because of:

  • Affordable Cost: started with domain registration and hosting I got one main vision of affordable cost and quality of services.
  • The trust of service: if we have “A” we say A, if we could do B we say we could do B and if we can’t do C we say “NO, that is impossible to do so”. This mean we speak straight and make trust, many sale or marketing of other company some time promise for nothing mean that they just lie the client to get SALE done.
  • Quick Support: any purchase could be set up within 15mn after paying the invoice or could be credited for trusted client mean We set up account for them in advance without invoice being paid. And whenever they got request to change or update some on their account which they don’t know how to? we will do it for them 24/7 and most of the time, I do it myself to keep promise. Any technology possibility, we tell to the client.

Santel: Are you using Khmer Unicode for client projects? What can you tell if any difficulty to implement Khmer Unicode on the Website? Can any browser view the Khmer Unicode without any setting or installation?

Siline: Yes, we are using KHMER UNICODE for many or almost Khmer-English website design projects. Why? because you might know too that Windows 7 or later, Khmer Unicode included in their internal DLL file to allow any pc to read Khmer Unicode without any additional installation and if you ask me “How about older OS like Window XP?” then I would say, most of the PC connecting to Internet they normally got patch and update installed on their PC hence most of them got the latest Unicode font set installed too and we do the website for those INTERNET CONNECTED PERSON/PC.

With the rich ability of CSS that make us write different StyleSheet code to prepare for different Khmer Unicode font set which are most likely available on those visitors PC, it will always show the write character style. Example: some pc got only default Unicode font set, some got NiDA font set, some got Khmer Standard, … and more, write CSS to use those font in series if one not found, use other one.

And one last reason is to help pushing the standardization of Khmer Unicode utilization, if we don’t use, then no one use. So the good way is try to show people that we are using Unicode now, you shall have it on your PC and shall learn to type Unicode.

Santel: I like blogging and I do believe many people want to have their own blog. The most difficulty is we need to pay for domain and hosting and technical skill to setup the blog. Do you have any special service for WordPress bloggers?

Siline: Yes, Blog is popular now and I do have solution Blog too. We could provide low price hosting solution and blog set up for customer. Either do WordPress mu (multi-user) system to let them run their own blog from within our own server. I prepare some and will be run in the future such www.blogcambodia.com or www.camboblog.com or www.mkhmer.com. These websites are now reserved and being tested. You see we provide blog design from only $99 for the first purchase and get everything free one year; renewal fee will be only $30/year. Does it sound cheap or still high? let me know.

Santel: Are you using php ? and Contents Management System (CMS) such as Joomla or WordPress or any CMS? Or you have your own?

Siline: Yes, we use PHP-MySQL most of the time but not limit to. We could do ASP, ASP.Net, MS SQL Express too.

And we created our own CMS PHP Class Object, to inherit into a full light weight website management system. Our own light weight CMS could manage Article Content, Images Gallery, Slideshow, Menu System, Block Summery, Block Listing, … and more. Most of the website we do now using our own CMS.

We most of the time not using Joomla nor WordPress except a very low price project or simple demand against pricing (simple & cheap or too complex & cheap) and even though we use those Open Source for some time, we only using Genuine Script, Commercial Theme & Commercial Component only (security, quality & assurance). No Nulled/Pirate/Sharing script nor theme is used at all because those stuffs are dangerous in later time on.

Santel: How many employees that are currently working for Serving Web? Do they all local?

Siline: Serving Web Solution is now running by total of 14 people (staffs and management team) and we are all local IT Personal, Accountant and some economic skills.

Santel: Do you see any progress in term of Web design needs in Cambodia?

Siline: I see much progress in the year of 2010, much much much increasing of both demand and supplier. The global economy downturn make many tourism company such touch agent, hotel, restaurant, … start to worry about how to attract customer hence they start to accept the Internet Media via website and email marketing to get back their business profit and keep it maintained.

Furthermore, Cambodia is getting more free trade and more commercial activities locally and internationally which demand local company and some oversea joined venture company do more on Professionalize Their Business image from public. They create website, they start to use their own email system, .. etc. This bring more website design and email system demand while we have many IT Student got graduate and some got good job and some doesn’t.

Then those newly graduated would build their own business or team on website design which require less budget to build up, and start their own server. Now we see many none-registered website design companies or team go on services, and some doing good while some do thing with a mess and make client crying for some reasons. And some are using none licensed or nulled/pirate script or template which they got from free sharing website and use it for clients. This is definitive not a good solution. They will cry later if the website is HACKED or always get phishing script infection.

I would like to thank to Siline to spend his busy time to tell us more details about his company. If you are looking to create a blog or website for your company you can check out:

I hope to see more Cambodian company websites and all my best wish to your business Siline!

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