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We started to see more and more people make money from Adsense. I know few people who make more than 500$ per month just from Adsense. The question is will you be able to reach that amount of revenue in a couple of days?

The reason I create this post because I know many people would need a clear roadmap that would help them to earn money from Adsense.

I know it because I received a lot of questions regarding how to sign up an Google Adsense account and how to get it approved.

I already answered to them but I think this post would be useful to many people.

I will start first to alert few critical points that you have to pay attention first before you apply for Google Adsense.

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We don’t create blog to make money

You might feel a bit strange. What is this guy trying to say?

You know that there are people who create blog to make money. There are a lot of Khmer music websites that created just to make money. They don’t have their own contents.

They just upload musics, videos and putting Adsense code everywhere. They even can earn commission from the sharing sites when people download the files.

It might work.

I know there are people who earn money from their blog by just providing media contents.

But think again,

What happen when there’s request to Google to close all uncopyright blogs?
What happen when you are requested to confess your crime against piracy?

You blog will be gone. And you will have nothing!

But there are people who could earn money from their blogs in a long way run and in a sustainable way.

Here is the trick: We don’t create blog to make money but we can make money from our blog.

I think you can feel now what is the difference between these two concepts.

I will give a real example. There is one blog that shows step by step guide on how to setup a SQL cluster servers. He spent a lot of time to write those posts. It got 4 different parts, if I remember.

You know what happen?

We follow all these steps and we succeed to install SQL clusters, even we know nothing about it. I want to thank to him. I went back to the blog and click on the Ads. I know he will earn some money back when people click. I just clicked one. I know if I click more than this, his Adsense account might get banned.

That’s the kind of blog that you need to create. You need to help people first, before they find their own way to thank you.

That’s how the blogging works!

Writing Contents first

I learned that there are many young Cambodian people who want to find a good way to make money from Adsense.

So far, I know there are a young girl from Sihanoukville, student from Phnom Penh and a friend from build bright university etc.

Before you apply to Adsense, you need to have a good blog that provides good contents first. It will be more easy and you will have more chance to get approval from Google.

In general you should have at least 10-20 contents on your blog before signing up for a Google Adsense account.

So take your action now to start writing. You can publish one post per day if possible or one a week is also OK.

What to blog about?

You can blog about anything.

The best topic is the topic that you know well.

If you are a fan of photography, write about how to take a good photo.
If you are passionate in Korean drama, write what you feel after watching them. You can recommend them which drama you like to most etc. I will tell you later how you can make money from it.

If you work at the university, you can blog about how to do the research and find good resources on particular courses. There are many ways you can help students to make them pass their exams.

These are the examples of topics that you can blog about.

A blog that could resolve problem that people are having now is a good blog. People will want to read more and more from you and they will thank you if you provide solution to their problem.

That’s how the blogging works!

If you want to make money online, start to think how you could help people via your blog?

If you can answer to this question, then start your action now. Writing the contents, and leave the rest of technical questions behind.

You might wonder how to create a blog, is it necessary to have own domain name?

Forget those questions first!

Take out the black paper and start writing or open your word office to start writing. Writing first and then we can discuss more how to install a WordPress blog and how to get people reading it etc.

You cannot do all these things at the same time. I found out that the most efficient way is to do one thing at a time.

So believe me, if you want to earn money from Adsense, ask yourself what topic are you going to write and start writing.

I will continue to do more post to guide you to the next process.

Good luck for your writing!

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  1. Thodollaro says

    Dear bro,

    Can you share your experience about to get the verify code from adsene? Google adsene sent me the verify code about 3 month ago but untill now i still not received anything and my address also corrected. Please help me bro. Thanks

  2. Menghuot says

    It is a very good post. I need to buy a camera soon to take views in Khmer in order to charm my posts. :) To be continued… with KhmerBird.

  3. Ratanak says

    I would like to thank for you to write this content and i hope that i would approved by Google Adsense soon, I will write 10-20 content what i know and do step by step and i still keep going on this project until success.


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