Monthly Report For June 2013

KhmerBird Report

Since last month, I started to share my monthly report about my activities related to blogging and how much I earn from making money online.

There’s nothing of secret in fact. The most important thing is to take actions. Don’t waste your time in consuming the medias and tell me you don’t have time.

I also warned myself to stop complaining about time. If we manage ourselves properly, we will have time to do things we love to do.

Let’s start from the traffic first

KhmerBird Visitors

We have an average of 250 unique visitors. There’s an exceptional event on the 17 July 2013. The number of visitors is double.

I looked more details and see 10 Reasons Why Cambodia still Keep Copying Music from other Countries had a lot of traffic.

I believe some friends shares this post to Facebook. Because I saw a lot of traffic was coming from Facebook on this particularly day.

Thank a lot friends for sharing our contents via your social networks. I am glad that our message could spread to more people. For this post alone, we have in total 245 of shares.

The revenue

Adsense still doesn’t work well. I earn only $17.57 for the whole month of June. It’s even not enough to pay the hosting fee. However it’s not the point to complain here.

I am lucky to have hired by a friend to build a website for a company. The project could generate $200 additional to the revenue.

Check out my blog installation on my new blog

I don’t just build a blog or website. You can send me your company profile, products and anything that you want to put on your company website. I can check and see which documents are important to put.

The good website should be clean, simple and has only important messages. If you put too many things, people will end up by leaving your website without taking any action.

Contact me for more information.

So in total this month I earn only $217.57.

Future plans

I plan to contact local advertisers since long time but didn’t manage to make any progress on it. By Mid this month I will start to send out some email to local companies in Cambodia to see if they interest in placing some banner on my blog.

This is the classic way but I believe most of Company owners in Cambodia still want to spend money on the Ads rather than content marketing.

To me I believe create a content about your business and let others know about your company in a blog post is more important than a banner Ads.

Then by placing the right keyword, you will get traffic from the search engines. For example if your company sell playground equipment in Cambodia, people should see your website when they search by typing keyword “playground equipment in Cambodia”.

This is just an example but that will work better and it costs you less money than buying Ads on the TV, Radio and Ads space on other websites.

However, I hope we will find some good sponsors soon.

You might see now I place 3 Ads on this blog. The first purpose is to see if Adsense could work better. The 2nd reason is to let the advertisers know where they could place their Ads on the site.

Starting from this month, we will publish more consistently. It’s good to post one or two blog posts per week. I might run a quick survey again to see which dates are the best to publish our contents.

Then, I will write more blog post on my new blog that will discuss more about Internet in general and discuss how it could give the benefits and/or disadvantages to our lives.

How about you? How much do you earn from your blogging effort? Or do you plan to have one? It’s nice to read some feedback from you.

I will end up my report here. See you around!

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  1. says

    Hey Santel,

    Reginald here! As spoken via email, I will be checking if I can assist you in any way especially when it comes to increasing your blog earning. No promises but let me see how it works out.

    Hopefully it works out for you mate!


    • Santel Phin says

      Hi Reginald,

      Thank for your first comment here. I would love to get some suggestions from you and hopefully I could increase the revenue. Look forward to read your email.

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