Monthly Traffic Report For August 2010

I was working a lot on the new layout and setting up newsletter. I posted less than before but I try to write the best I can. I hope you could see the different.

I am not quite surprise to see the traffic drop down a bit but that’s OK. I have done what I plan to do for this site since years. The graph below is the report from Google Analysis. If you not yet implement on you blog, you should do it now. It will allow you to see how many visitors come to your site, how many pageviews and those are from which sources of traffic.


For the month of August, we have:

Unique visitors: 8,881
Pageviews: 15,937
Pages/visit: 1.79

I am happy with average of 01:43 minutes that each visitor spends on the blog, meaning they not just come and go. I will try to improve my English and the quality of the contents. I am happy with my newsletter, if you not yet subscribe, you should do it now.

Traffic Sources

Google still the best source of driving traffic to the blog. The 2nd one is the direct one meaning the user type directly the name of the site or from their bookmark. This is one of the reliable and thank you a lot to bookmark my blog. I hope you like it and recommend to your friends. The 3rd source was coming from yahoo, then the 4th one of traffic’s source is Facebook, thank you to all Friends at Facebook to keep visiting KhmerBird. If you want to share any post to your friends on Faceboo, you just click on Like button at the end of each article or click on the top link at the title to share to your friends. This would help to have more community and exchange the ideas.


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    Wow, that is good traffic. My blog’s traffic is just more than 3000 visitors per month and I do not update content frequently as what u did. keeping increasing your traffic…!!!

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