How To Save Battery on Android Phones

How To Save Battery on Android Phones

I planned to do this post since long time when I first discover Easy Battery Saver. It happened to me when I was on the trip to Sihanoukville. I forgot to charge my phone. I was using Samsung Galaxy S. In the morning, my battery was at the critical level, one bar only.

I turned the optimization of Easy Battery saver to “Super Power Saving Mode”! You know what happened?

My phone was survived until I arrived in Phnom Penh at night. I even received some calls but short conversation only.

That’s incredible!

Why the smart phone runs out of battery so fast?

You have to understand, on your smartphone there are many apps. The more you install apps on your phone, the faster your phone runs out of battery.

This is because most of the apps have their background service that runs automatically with a default period. Even you don’t turn on the Apps by yourself, they are smart enough to run what they need to do.

The first thing you need to do is to install only the apps you need. I saw many friends who went to a mobile shop, they came back with a lot of Apps that sometime they don’t know what they are for.

It is useless and those Apps will eat your battery!

The second thing, you need to check on the setting of each App, does it has a synchronization service? If yes, set the interval according to your need or turn it off.

If you leave it synchronize data frequently, you phone will face the short of battery.

Install Easy Battery Saver

What I love about this App is that they provide options for us to choose according to our situation. When I use Samsung Galaxy S, I usually select Normal Mode, because I have few Apps only and I already set the synchronization according to my need.

I only need to switch to Super Power Saving only when I forget to charge my phone at night.

But since I switched to Samsung Galaxy S2 and upgraded to ICS, I noticed my phone was running our of battery so fast. I am now using the Intelligent Power Saving Mode. It saved me double life of my battery. If I don’t use it often, my phone can runs for two days without charging.

That make life easy!

What this App do is that they will not allow any service running on the background when your phone is on standby. They will allow automatically when you unlock the screen.

If you are facing the problem with your phone battery, I strongly suggest you check out Easy Battery Saver.

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