We Look To Encourage Comments From Facebook

Facebook logo

We have more and more traffic from Facebook, more than 500 visits per day, just from this social media. I saw many blog now offer Facebook Comment Box. The box will recognize the Facebook users, allow them to comment directly without fill in any information. They can push the comment back to their wall if they wish to. There are 4 … [Read more...]

KhmerBird is now hosted by Amazon

You know the changing! at least the layout! but you might also feel something difference about the speed. I still monitor the performance of the server, but I think you might feel it is more faster than before. The blog is in the process of recovering to its normal state. If you find any part of the blog is not working, please help to let me know, drop me … [Read more...]

KhmerHacker – New Blog About Technology

First of all, I am happy with this first blog KhmerBird. There are more than 500 unique visitors per day and the blog generates more than 25, 000 Pageviews per month. Thank to all the visitors, especially to those friends that usually give comments and send me feedbacks via contact page. I really appreciate your time that you spent to help KhmerBird become … [Read more...]