Windows 9: Will Microsoft Release It Soon?

Windows 9

Following the success of Windows 8 and Windows 8.1, Microsoft has enjoyed a new lease of life in the battle for the title of best OS in recent years. As when the iOS arrived alongside a fleet of hardware choices (such as desktops, tablets and smartphones) Microsoft was left to simply chew on the dust [...]

Top 5 Best Virus Protection 2014

Best Virus Protection

Protecting your computer against potential viruses, malicious software (malware), Trojans and other intrusive entities is essential to preserving your privacy and avoiding undesired outcomes. Usually, installing an antivirus is enough for getting proper protection, but since there are plenty of options out there, making the right choice can become difficult. From Avast to Bitdefender and [...]

Top 10 Free Apps That Are Making My Life Better

Free Apps

There are many Apps out there. I always warn myself not to try any new app unless someone recommends me. I used to try everything I found on the App store. And I ended up with a lot of wasting time. I have less than 20 Apps installed on my iPhone. This limit will help [...]

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 – What To Expect

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Ever since the release of the first Samsung Galaxy, Samsung has been able to dominate the phone and tablet market globally. The last Galaxy Note 3 For example, hit sales as high as 12 Million in just two months after its release and immediately became the talk of the town. The Note 3 owed its [...]

5 Easy Ways To Share Files Online

Dropbox - Files Sharing Online

Working online mostly includes sharing of files among individuals and although email attachments are still popularly used to send files, there is usually a limit on the file size and it may not be possible to send large files. Several online file sharing tools have been developed in the recent past, which not only allow [...]