Internet Tv: How To Watch Accurate News On Your TV

Internet TV

While most of the Cambodian local televisions don't provide accurate information, the only solution is to watch the news via Internet Tv. I will explore in this post, where to find independent and accurate information on your television. But first, if you television doesn't support internet, you can buy a … [Read more...]

Khmer News – Android Application

Khmer News

Follow my previous post Where To Find The Best Of Cambodia News, I developed a small Android application called Khmer News. This application will go and look for latest Khmer News from independent sources such as: The Cambodia Daily, VOA, RFA and RFI. By default it will refresh every hour. It won't take long or … [Read more...]

How To Install Khmer Unicode On Android ICS

I'm looking for the droids not Android

After a long waiting time, we now could have something that works correctly to bring Khmer Unicode for any Android device. It works correctly not only on browsers but inside the system including apps such as Facebook. But we need to root the phone. For those who doesn't want to root the phone, you can view … [Read more...]

How to install Khmer Unicode on Android Phone

How to install Khmer Unicode on Android Phone

I write this post because I think a lot of people are looking for a good source of how to install Khmer Unicode on Android Phone. I am proud to be the owner of a Samsung Galaxy S ii (2), the best smart phone in the world. Most of all I think everyone enjoys using Android phones. But when it comes to problem of … [Read more...]