The Right Mindset To Drink a Beer at 4PM or Anytime You Like

Mindset for success

Last week, I showed you the roadmap to start an online business. This is the 2nd series of posts that help you to start your own online business. Assume that if I can drink a beer at 4PM or anytime I like, I have a success. I actually can drink a beer anytime I like at weekend. If I like to have fun at any day of the week, I need to have a sustainable business that could run without me. You might … [Read more...]

Roadmap To Start An Online Business

Start an Online Business

When I first started my online business, I wish someone show me exactly what I have to do. I tried it on my own. I made mistakes. I lost a lot of time. After 8 years, I discovered one true fact. There's no secret in making money online. The first mindset that brings you to success is to treat it as a business. There's no difference between online business and offline business. The principal is the same. … [Read more...]

How To Auto Backup Photos From Your Phone To The Cloud For Free


I will publish a new post weekly on Tuesday, in stead of Monday. The reason for this is that I usually spend time with my family, especially my kids during the weekend. I can work occasionally on Saturday. So in order to make it regularly, I decided to move a day. Hopefully, I can commit to this. This week, I want to bring a solution to backup photos from your phone to the cloud. I tried different free … [Read more...]

5 Tips That Will Help You To Generate New Ideas To Write


When I was young, I had plenty of my time. I didn't know what to write about. Now I am turning into 39 anytime soon. I have plenty of things to write. But I don't have time. Why the world is so unfair? To whom I should complain? I can only complain to myself. To have more time I can only manage myself better. That's the only way. You need to stop complaining and start to use the time you can have … [Read more...]

Let’s meet at Barcamp Phnom Penh

BarCamp Phnom Penh

I wish we could have more events to meet and networking between bloggers, entrepreneurs and people who love technology. BarCamp Phnom Penh is a yearly event that you might want to join. I joined it every year. It's a free event where you can networking, learning, sharing and having fun. It's a good for us to meet as well. I have in mind to invite all my readers to a place where we can meet in person. I … [Read more...]