New World Korean Movie

New World Korean Movie

I don’t go to Legend Cinema anymore. They also stop providing me any free premiere ticket. But it’s OK. Even they continue to send me the tickets, I will not be able to go and watch movie anymore. But I am using Digi Internet Provider. I used to admire them for the reliable connection and [...]

Where To Find The Best Of Cambodia News

Cambodia News

People said 10 television channels are not equal to a radio station. It’s hard to follow Cambodia news when most of the medias are not independent. I don’t watch Tv for years, except on the election day. I was waiting for the result of the election. Then I saw only Karaoke songs being played one [...]

The Missing Picture of Rithy Panh Won the Un Certain Regard Prize at Cannes

Rith Panh

It’s such a great news. The latest film of Rithy Panh, The Missing Picture (original title in French: L’image manquante) won the un certain regard prize at Cannes film festival. This time M. Rithy Panh used poetry to describe Pol Pot regime. He works with Christophe Bataille, a writer whom he worked with in the [...]