Two Fundraising Film Projects You Should Support

Elvis of Cambodia

I am always interested in promoting Cambodia through art and culture. Today I want to introduced two film projects that you should support. They are now raising fund to complete their post productions. 1. A Cambodian Winter Winter doesn't exist in Cambodia. But when I was young, I always dreamed about winter. I liked to see the snow. My … [Read more...]

Cambodia Photos July 2014


A photo can talk thousand words. We used to select monthly Cambodia photos in the past. We stopped for a while. I think it is good to do it again in a proper way and in a consistent schedule. Those photos have been shared mostly on the twitter. You will find original caption, date and twitter of the photographer or person who tweets the photos. We … [Read more...]

How To Receive Online Payment In Cambodia

Payoneer - Online Payment

People asked me often about how can they get online payment in Cambodia. Today I want to introduce a solution to those who wish to receive money from the internet. It is not always easy to get a fair service for internet users in Cambodia. We are facing some restrictions to online services, especially related to online payment systems. For … [Read more...]