Two Fundraising Film Projects You Should Support

Elvis of Cambodia

I am always interested in promoting Cambodia through art and culture. Today I want to introduced two film projects that you should support. They are now raising fund to complete their post productions. 1. A Cambodian Winter Winter doesn't exist in Cambodia. But when I was young, I always dreamed about winter. I liked to see the snow. My dream came true when I got scholarship to study in France. I … [Read more...]

Cambodia Photos July 2014


A photo can talk thousand words. We used to select monthly Cambodia photos in the past. We stopped for a while. I think it is good to do it again in a proper way and in a consistent schedule. Those photos have been shared mostly on the twitter. You will find original caption, date and twitter of the photographer or person who tweets the photos. We don't have any attention to violate any copyright matter. … [Read more...]

How To Receive Online Payment In Cambodia

Payoneer - Online Payment

People asked me often about how can they get online payment in Cambodia. Today I want to introduce a solution to those who wish to receive money from the internet. It is not always easy to get a fair service for internet users in Cambodia. We are facing some restrictions to online services, especially related to online payment systems. For example at the time of writing this article, Paypal and Google … [Read more...]

Internet Tv: How To Watch Accurate News On Your TV

Internet TV

While most of the Cambodian local televisions don't provide accurate information, the only solution is to watch the news via Internet Tv. I will explore in this post, where to find independent and accurate information on your television. But first, if you television doesn't support internet, you can buy a Chromecast. If you want to know how it work and where to buy it in Cambodia, check out my post here. Do … [Read more...]

Co-Working Space In Cambodia


You might think a coffee shop could be a good working space. There's no need to rent office. Well, try it a few times yourself. After that you will agree with me that a coffee shop is not an ideal working space. Some day I need to go from one shop to another because their internet connection is not working. I usually need to bring my earphone with me to fight against the voices around me. You might need a … [Read more...]