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I received a question from a high school student that just finished his exam. He asked me if I could help to make him decide which university he should attend. So far, we already published two articles: Why Cambodian Student Mostly Go To More Than One University? Tep Livina: How To Become An Outstanding College [...]

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People said 10 television channels are not equal to a radio station. It’s hard to follow Cambodia news when most of the medias are not independent. I don’t watch Tv for years, except on the election day. I was waiting for the result of the election. Then I saw only Karaoke songs being played one [...]

Special Promotion For Cambodia In My Dream


Starting from now until 14 July 2013 11:59 PM Pacific Standard Time, you can get my book Cambodia In My Dream for free. It’s a special promotion that I want to offer so that more people, even people from Cambodia can read the book. It’s a Kindle version. So that you can read it via [...]