How To Auto Backup Photos From Your Phone To The Cloud For Free


I will publish a new post weekly on Tuesday, in stead of Monday. The reason for this is that I usually spend time with my family, especially my kids during the weekend. I can work occasionally on Saturday. So in order to make it regularly, I decided to move a day. Hopefully, I can commit to this. This week, I want to bring a solution to backup photos from your phone to the cloud. I tried different free … [Read more...]

How To Bring Your Business Online With Google

Google My Business

A lot of people are using mobile phones. They connect to internet almost all the time. Can they find you, your brand or company on any of their devices? If you open a web browser and type the name of your company, what do you see on the result page? If someone want to go to your office, can they get the direction on their mobile? If it is not the case, it is time to bring your business … [Read more...]

Resolved: How To Enable Personal Hotspot on iOS 8


The most awaited feature in iOS 8 is Khmer language. I updated on the first day of its release. Then I realized I could not find personal hotspot. After doing some research, I found the menu personal hotspot but I couldn't enable it. It said I need to contact the carrier. I couldn't understand. I posted the message error on Facebook and thank to Jack from 4Khmeriphoneteam who pointed me to the … [Read more...]

5 Tips That Will Help You To Generate New Ideas To Write


When I was young, I had plenty of my time. I didn't know what to write about. Now I am turning into 39 anytime soon. I have plenty of things to write. But I don't have time. Why the world is so unfair? To whom I should complain? I can only complain to myself. To have more time I can only manage myself better. That's the only way. You need to stop complaining and start to use the time you can have … [Read more...]

Let’s meet at Barcamp Phnom Penh

BarCamp Phnom Penh

I wish we could have more events to meet and networking between bloggers, entrepreneurs and people who love technology. BarCamp Phnom Penh is a yearly event that you might want to join. I joined it every year. It's a free event where you can networking, learning, sharing and having fun. It's a good for us to meet as well. I have in mind to invite all my readers to a place where we can meet in person. I … [Read more...]