How To Start Your Own Blog

Start Your Own Blog

This post is for those who want to start your own blog but don’t know how or where to start. It’s quite simple. You can start your own blog right now without paying any money. It’s possible. I will start from the free option first, then we will go more details about having your own [...]

Making Money Online – Income Report December 2013


Marketing involves a number of tasks that all have measurable results. These measurements are what justify your time, money and effort. If you’re not measuring what you’re doing you’ll be wasting your time because you’re bound to repeat your mistakes and miss opportunities to capitalize. – Neil Patel You might feel like me. You feel [...]

25 Top Money Making Blogs That Will Inspire You To Start Your Own Blog

Top Money Making Blogs

I changed the bird logo. Not just the logo. I already defined my goals for 2014. I will post more interesting contents about blogging and how to start your blogging business in up coming weeks. I can’t have a fixed day of the week to publish yet. But I plan to post at least one [...]

You Don’t Have To Pay $1,500 To Start Working On The Internet

Making money on the internet

A friend of mine phoned me and asked if he needs to pay $1,500 to start working on the internet. I told him you don’t have to pay anything to start working on the internet. That is the short answer. Then I explained him about different ways of making money online that I know. I [...]