How Many Cambodian Can Dance The Ballet?

Sokvannara (Sy) Sar at the International Ballet Competition in Varna. Cambodian also have traditional ballet and this is completely different from International Ballet. We use the term "Royal Ballet" to name many kinds of Cambodian Classic dances. The International Ballet is different, they walk in a strange way if … [Read more...]


CHILDREN OF ANGKOR LIVE PERFORMANCE - Monday 22, 7pm at The Living Room Cambodian Living Arts presents Children of Angkor a preview performance by Sinat Ngoc and Srey Peou. Sinat Ngoc and Srey Peou Pheoun are two of Cambodia's most talented young musicians and both perform rare and endangered music forms that … [Read more...]

Dangerous To Be A Journalist

At least 37 journalists were killed or are listed as missing from the 1970-75 war, which pitted the U.S.-backed Lon Nol government against the North Vietnamese-supported Khmer Rouge. This is the quote from the report of Associated Press. Cambodia will erect a memorial to nearly 40 foreign and Cambodian journalists who … [Read more...]