Writing Project: The Quiet Cambodian

I think everybody read or watch "The Quiet American". Me too, I love the film. The most precious part was the opening scene of the film with the voice over of Michael Caine. And much more, I want to write a fiction which I would call "The Quiet Cambodian". It has been many years since I wrote my last short story "Malai-Story of my secret … [Read more...]

Let’s share and contribute to Cambodian music

10 years ago I listen to Andy Lau's songs and others Chinese pop songs. I don't speak Chinese. What was wrong with Cambodian pop songs? They are all copied. I was not interesting in local Cambodian songs. Today I have an idea to do a list of the most remarkable Cambodian songs in 21 century. I will not mentioned if it is copied or original, my idea is … [Read more...]

Oyster Restaurant: Sonoma

Well, I just want to share with everyone about a restaurant which most of the dishes are about Oysters. So I think the one who is the seafood or oyster lovers would like this restaurant. The location is not difficult to find at all. It is on the way at the back of Lucky Market near Gold Tower 42. To be clear for you, the address is on road 159 Eo, Street … [Read more...]