We will change the layout to Focus!

You may notice I changed the theme from Thesis to Genesis Framework. I was so busy and didn't have a proper post to inform about this. I am not a designer and I did lost a lot of time to modify the layout and coding. That's the main reason I decide to purchase the PRO PLUS PACKAGE of Studio Press to be able to use any theme. The idea was to release … [Read more...]

Writing Project: The Quiet Cambodian

I think everybody read or watch "The Quiet American". Me too, I love the film. The most precious part was the opening scene of the film with the voice over of Michael Caine. And much more, I want to write a fiction which I would call "The Quiet Cambodian". It has been many years since I wrote my last short story "Malai-Story of my secret … [Read more...]

Let’s share and contribute to Cambodian music

10 years ago I listen to Andy Lau's songs and others Chinese pop songs. I don't speak Chinese. What was wrong with Cambodian pop songs? They are all copied. I was not interesting in local Cambodian songs. Today I have an idea to do a list of the most remarkable Cambodian songs in 21 century. I will not mentioned if it is copied or original, my idea is … [Read more...]