New online provider in Cambodia

HA NOI — VTC Online Cambodia, a joint venture between the Viet Nam Multimedia Corporation and a Cambodian partner, officially launched in the kingdom on Sunday. At the launch ceremony, Cambodian Information Minister Khieu Kanharith said the joint venture would play an important role in the country’s telecommunications industry. He said it would meet the [...]

South by Southeast: 5 tips for Angkor Wat – I was alone, deep in the Cambodian jungle, flanked by the scattered ruins of ancient Khmer temples. My ears tickled with the cackle distant bird calls and buzzing cicadas. My shirt clung to my skin with a thick layer of sweat and ocher-hued dust. Suddenly, I heard movement to my right behind a [...]

Chinese Embassy donates 10,000 USD to Cambodian Red Cross – Chinese Embassy on Monday donated 10,000 U.S. dollars to Cambodian Red Cross to help its program to train young volunteers in the country. The hand-over ceremony was held on Monday at the headquarters of Cambodian Red Cross (CRC) with the attending of He Leping, political counselor of Chinese Embassy, and Pum Chantinie, secretary [...]

Martial Arts Odyssey: Ramon Cambodian Boxer

I wrote a while back an article Will Bokator Can Save Cambodian Cinema, You still can read my interview with Antonio Graceffo. I got the new video from Antonio Graceffo, this one is showing a life of a young Cambodian boxer, Synonsis At Paddy’s fight Club, Phon Penh, Cambodia, Antonio Graceffo meets an up-and-coming Cambodian [...]

Cambodia: Angels and demons – I could not come up with a good title for this post until Dan Brown’s best sell­ing novel came to my mind, and it is exactly what you will find in Phnom Pen, Cambodia’s cap­i­tal. No place in the world has ever stirred so many emo­tions in me like this rusty yet some­how [...]