Sweden Rap Mixed with Cha Pey Khmer

I found it and listened few times, it sounds amazing. Maskinen is a band from Sweden. They came to Cambodia to relax, work on music and to shoot a documentary. They used the background music of Cha Pey Khmer played by Master Neth Pe. Check out and have fun! … [Read more...]

What’s Wrong With Cambodia Health Care System?

If you live in Cambodia, you will know about the health sector in here whether it is good or bad. There many problems concerning about this service in the region. First thing is the accessibility completely. The service is not available to people especially the poor and the one who live in desert areas. Why? because one thing is the poverty issue. As we … [Read more...]

Short Stack – Heartbreak Made Me A Killer

I was there in front of that house few years ago. That was an empty house, nobody lived there. It is located on the street that got no name at the beach of Kep, a nice quiet city of Cambodia. The house was attractive. We did make a photo of it. Today I saw the house again in a music video made by an Australian band Short Stack in their song called … [Read more...]