Cambodia will test Russian-made BM21 rockets – Cambodia is set to conduct a multiple missile test on March 4. The move has raised a number of eyebrows, coming at a time when tensions with neighbouring Thailand are still hot, and Cambodia’s Prime Minister Hun Sen has toured military units on the shared border. But Hun Sen, his defence spokesman and [...]

How many Beer Garden in Phnom Penh

The Mirror – Vol. 14, No. 654 “Phnom Penh: At present, there are nearly 500 entertainment places in Phnom Penh, such as beer gardens, karaoke parlors, night clubs, discotheques, restaurants or other places where alcohol and some meals are served, accompanied with music, and female beer seller [often called "Beer Girls"]. Read More

Treasures in Cambodia – Phnom Penh – Road workers uncovered a treasure trove of ancient artefacts 10 years ago at Phum Snay in western Cambodia. Among the finds were jewellery, ceramic pottery and even human bones. But shortly after news of the find got out, looters moved in. Within a year, Phum Snay had been stripped bare [...]

Cambodian March Wallpaper

Maybe you enjoyed the wallpaper that I post last month: Beautiful Photo of Angkor Wat This could be the wallpaper for March, from the same talent khmer4life for sharing