The Children Of Bassac

They came from the poor family. Some of them, I am not sure if they even have family. But they have arts. Arts are giving reasons for them to live, to come out from the darkness of their life. You can imagine how arts began to invade in their blood. They called themselves "The Children of Bassac". The "Bassac" is … [Read more...]

Cambodia ranked #12 Among The Countries Most Vulnerable to Climate Change

I am not sure if we are ready to react, I don't see any Press conference or any TV announcement on this. We should do something now! Everybody can react for our future. We need to make people understand how this climate change impact to our country and what they can help in their daily consumption of energy. … [Read more...]

Goodbye Bamboo Train [Video]

The process of rebuild the real railway is started, I don't have much details for you but Guy Delauney, BBC's reporter and Anasuya Sanyal, Channel NewsAsia's IndoChina Bureau Chief have made two good videos about the begin of real train and the end of the bamboo train. I personally never tried the Bamboo train, but … [Read more...]

My long-term Vision on KhmerBird

My long time vision

Continue from my previous post, what can you blog about, I want to define here a clear vision I have on this blog KhmerBird. Refer to the last few years, the passion have been grown and it is going toward a good direction and I hope I can get involved in promoting Cambodia via blog and social media. I want to … [Read more...]