Cambodia, The Heaven of Alcoholic Drinks [Opinion]


Do you know how many brands of beer, wine, and liquor are being traded in Cambodia? Frankly I do not the exact number but I can tell that there are many! The name can be found in letter A to Z. Maybe not every letter but many within the range from A to Z. Noticeably, nightclubs, beer gardens, and places for drinking are also boosting but there is … [Read more...]

Cambodia Silk – Good Quality Hand Made


Silk is the most beautiful and prestigious fabric for Cambodian people. Silk shows its value of the hardest work of the producer and the finest art of deeply-rooted cultural and social traditions of Cambodian people. The short video below will show you the activity of the weavers at Koh Dach, Khmer Silk Villages Association of Jacquard loom weavers, … [Read more...]

Thanks to “Lok Ta Dambang KraGnoung”, Battambang, Cambodia

Market in Battambang

A night after work before dinner, the sky seemed to be a bit dark outside and the wind started to blow gently. I was in a hotel’s room where my work team stayed. I asked 2 women out for a walk heading to the big statue which represents Battambang province called “Lok Ta Dambang KraNgoug”; “Dambang” means stick and “KraNgoung” refers to a kind of black … [Read more...]