Income Report February 2014

As usual this is the income report for February. This report is a series posts from my new topic about make money online.

The revenue is dropping 60%.

That’s Ok. It’s the negative point of making money online. The income is not stable. I need to make my time and do the hard work.

My time schedule can’t be fixed yet. Because our 2nd son was born on the 13 February. When I have one kid, it is hard to find time. Now I have two kids, it is very hard to find time.

But that’s OK. I don’t complain. I am trying to adjust myself to the situation and will come back to regular schedule soon.

Here what I earned

Make Money Online

Here is a chart of income if we compare to previous months:

Make Money Online

My next actions

I don’t stuck in finding my own ways to generate more income. I am stuck in making time to write more contents. I hope I can stick to provide one post per week consistency very soon.

People asked me a lot about how to make money online. I promised them I will reply in a post. I am late but I commit to offer what I promised.

You will get my answer in the next post that I plan to publish next week.

I am doing on the other side, a new niche site. I hope in the next 6 months or so I can start to earn something from Amazon affiliate.

The rest of my time will focus on writing great contents. I hope to bring more visitors from US that will help to increase Adsense revenue.

That’s it. I will come back next week to discuss about different ways of making money online.

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  1. Sudesh says

    You have good income from Adsense.
    Can you please tell how many websites do you have for Google Adsense?

  2. Sok Vanrithy says

    Online or offline is a bit different but the main concept is still existed. Less work less money!

    I don’t like Adsense, but it’s still my favorite source of income if I have chance to obtain another account. I earned so much with them. Now, I’m planing to obtain another one with the newest data.

    Anyways, great that you have your commitment brother!

    • Santel Phin says

      Actually I don’t think I could control much on Adsense revenue. I expect to see some growing in affiliate programs and services.


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