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Follow my previous post Where To Find The Best Of Cambodia News, I developed a small Android application called Khmer News.

This application will go and look for latest Khmer News from independent sources such as: The Cambodia Daily, VOA, RFA and RFI. By default it will refresh every hour. It won’t take long or consume a lot of data to update. Then it will give you a notification if there’s new updates. You can change the frequency of updating up to your own preference.

The application has now more than 2,000 downloads since I launched it last weekend.

It won’t require Khmer Unicode to be installed in order to view Khmer Unicode correctly. Somehow, I observed that it didn’t render well on the Android version 2.3 or lower. I strongly recommend before you download the App, to get the latest version of Android that your phone could get.

I made this application because I believe it’s important for Cambodian people to have access to information that could improve their knowledge and learn to express themselves. Cambodia belongs to all of us, not to a small group of politicians.

It’s time to start asking question what’s happening around us. When you understand thing clearly we will know what we should react and decide.

After you install the Application, if you find it’s useful, please help to give it a 5 stars rate review. It will help to get more people discover the application. But before that, here is the link to download and install the application:

Khmer News Android Application

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