Why I Made This Change Again

New look of KhmerBird

You might realized I have been quiet for a while. First reason is that Vitou, my son, has a serious eyes allergy. He needs to take the eyes’ drop regularly. This week is second week. The read point in his eyes disappeared little by little. The Situation is improving a lot. But still he needs to take eyes’ drop for another week.

During these past two weeks, I didn’t write anything.

I asked myself again in which direction I want to move KhmerBird? The site is not making any money. Why should I continue?

It came back to original idea why I create KhmerBird.com in the first place. I created to share information about Cambodia. I can’t let the world make judgement on Cambodia just through what they read in the medias.

So we will continue this mission.

There are two reasons why I changed the new theme:

  1. I want to minimize things on the front page. It should not have too much things. It should have a message why I create this blog and what does it talk about. Then I want to inform about two important messages: the hiring and the advertising spaces available. Then at the bottom, you can find 3 recent blog posts. Since we post between 2-3 blog posts per week, it’s Ok to display only the latest 3.
  2. We have almost 1,000 articles in our archives. People should be able to find any answer related to Cambodia. That’s why I create a new search function that use Google Search. It provides more relevant result than WordPress search function. By doing so, I hope people will be able to find what they are looking for.

There are few articles in our draft that not yet been published. I will review and publish them soon. I hope you enjoy this new look.

Do let me know your comment and feedback.


PS: Thank to Rob Schneider at Sihanoukville Cambodia Journal, for writing an article about KhmerBird. It’s really nice to get such great feedback and I am very happy to hear that KhmerBird have been a useful source when it comes to find information related to Cambodia.


  1. Tim says

    Hope that things clear up for your son. And thanks for keeping your awesome page going Santel, I enjoy reading your articles here and also on G+.
    Take care, Tim

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