More Contributors Will Join KhmerBird as Writers

I did a call for writers. Since the blog continues to grow, it is good if we could publish more contents.

We will maintain from one to two updates per week. You might already read first post from Anita and Kon Khmer.

More contributors will be coming very soon.

I am excited to have them join KhmerBird. The more contributors we have, the more we will provide useful contents.

I hope you all will give a warm welcome to them and help to provide feedback to their writing. The best way to write well is to write more. By practicing and allowing our voice to be heard, we will improve our writing.

My big ambition for KhmerBird is to encourage writing in Cambodia.

We could write about almost everything. We don’t have to respect any style of writing. Let’s our mind flow like water. Write as we feel.

I get an interesting feedback from May (you will read her article soon) that what she likes the most on my blog is that I could write freely.

I take this time to inform all the writers as well that you could write freely and about almost anything you want. We want people to remember KhmerBird as a good place to read about Cambodia.

We are not journalists. We don’t write the report. We tell stories!

We must have a reason why we bring the story up. It could be an inspired story. It could be a useful guide. It could be entertained. It could be anything. Anything that comes up to your mind and it matters to you to share it.

We have a strong readership here! I know that people are waiting and hungry to read from us.

I hope with our upcoming contributors, we will be able to provide more contents. Again thank for supporting us and make sure you help to share our posts to your social networks.

We will be glad if our contents are reached to more people, especially for those who need them. You will see the share buttons at the end of each post.

Just click and share!

Thank you for your time!

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  1. says

    That’s great to here, Mr.Santel.
    Sorry I’ve been so busy with school work lately so I couldn’t write any article yet. I’ll try to write some on this weekend.

  2. says

    Yeah, I love reading some of those articles and I’m interesting in writing any article related to technology (IT, Marketing). I would like to join Khmerbird as writer also. Could I?

    • says

      Hi Sopheak,

      You are more than welcome to join the team. There are a lot of people are using iPhone and Android phones. If you could write tips about mobile phones and technology, I think it would be very useful and interested.

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