KhmerBird Content Topics Survey for 2013

Here is the first survey to improve KhmerBird. I planned to do this since many years but I don’t know why I didn’t find time to manage it.

Today I decide to ask you 3 questions, you would need less than 1 minute to reply. I hope you would take your value time to help this survey.

I did this survey because I want to make this blog more useful to everyone. I want to know what topic you want me to write more on KhmerBird. I want to know what kind of content that convenient to the internet connection you have. I also want to know what is the best frequency I should post a new blog.

Again, I can guaranty you that it won’t take you longer than 1 minute. Let’s do it OK? Click on link below to get started:

KhmerBird Content Topics for 2013

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