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I had chance to work on new design the whole Sunday last weekend. I hope you noticed some changes. It is not only about the design. I want to redefine the new future of this blog. What does it mean to me? And what does it mean to the rest of the world?

I mean you! my readers, my supporters and my first true 100 fans. I can’t say thank you enough. This blog might not survive until today without your support. It’s about all of us. It’s about a group of people who love this country and want to see changes.

I just want to share a number that even myself I am a bit surprise with the record. Alexa, a famous site ranker has classified KhmerBird as the 881,688th most popular website in the world. This is the rank at the time of writing this article. It might be changed at the time you read this but I hope we will go up.

What does it mean to me?

It’s good for me to see people like to come and get the information they need. I am glad to create a place where people could find useful information. I am always happy to bring more contents to the blog.

I started to get some reliable revenue since the last two months. Thank to Khmer News Application that has now more than 40,000 downloads.

I aim to publish more contents related to Cambodia culture and Technology in general. These are the two main topics that bring visitors to our blog. We need more contents on these topics. And I am ready to pay for local writers.

The new tagline that have gone live now is “Cambodia: Culture and Technology”.

New Feature: Cambodian News

As you can find if you head to the homepage of KhmerBird, below the big featured post, on the right you will find top 5 stories selected from our Cambodian News Daily Edition. I hope this will help you to catch up what’s matter the most in the country right now.

If you like what you find on the daily basic, please help to share to your network. When we have more sharing, the page will appear soon on the first page of Google when someone looks for Cambodian News or Khmer News. Thank in advance for your help to spread the message. I hope to see more people could follow what’s happening in Cambodia from our daily edition.

That’s it. This is just a quick update. I write this because I want to know your feedback and which direction you wish to see KhmerBird go. Are you flying with us? Where you want us to fly? Drop your comment and I am exciting to read from all of you.


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  1. says

    i like the most is your new android app ” Khmer News Application”. it’s better than others app and i can read all update news. Hope you update this app for fast speed on my slow device and low android version.

    • Santel Phin says

      Thank Sararith! I contacted to the application developer but it seems like they can’t support the lower version of Android.

      I hope you will be able to upgrade a new phone soon :-)

      • says

        yes, i plan to get new high version android device.
        And will you make it for ios? i hope to see your app become more popular and useful for khmer readers.


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