An Empty Space

An Empty Space

I feel like my blog these days as an empty space.

I start to feel about this when I look at content sharing and comments. I started to feel different when I commit myself to write great blog post to help people to start a popular and profitable blog.

I wanted to write in details my presentation slides that I prepared for TechCamp Phnom Penh recently. I wrote between 1,000-2,000 words per articles.

I thought people might be interested to learn how to start a blog that might change the world or at least provide a better life to its owner as well as its audiences.

Maybe I am wrong.

And it is not the first time that I tried different things on my blog. I need to try, otherwise I won’t know if it works or not.

I don’t just think, I started to take action, seriously.

Now I know people might be more interested in Cambodia topic, entertainment contents or technology. I will stick to those contents for a while and see if the audiences are coming back.

I write this post just to let you know what’s inside my head right now and if you wish to help me to figure out the write topics to write about, comment below!

I wanted this blog to be more interactive, get more comments and I am willing to try my best to write great contents just for you!

I hope you all passed a great New Year holidays! and don’t forget to come back to work!

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  1. says

    My interest articles or post is Images! … Without Images I won’t read! … And I’m not sure, but I have experience with my post … Link without image or any description .. They won’t click to read.

    This is an suggestion only!

    • says

      Thank, I do agree that images work the best, especially when we promote posts on the social media such as Facebook.

      But I think they seems not to be interested in my post that related too much technical or too many words :-)

      Thank for your suggestion. At least I got the first comment for this post now! Thank you for writing the first comment, it counts a lot!

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