Cambodia Jobs – Market Trend

Cambodia Jobs Trend

I received a question from a high school student that just finished his exam. He asked me if I could help to make him decide which university he should attend. So far, we already published two articles:

I will explore more on the topic and hope it would help high school students to make a right decision.

Here is a short excerpt from my article What Stops Us From Being An Entrepreneur? :

When I was young my father told me to study hard so that I could find a good job. This is the common path to most of us. It doesn’t mean that we like to be an employee or work for others. It is because we don’t have money to open our own business like those rich people. We need to use our knowledge to earn our living.

We have no choice, for instance, but to work for others.

I decided to study engineering at Institute of Technology of Cambodia because I think it would be easy to find a job. Until today, it was a very good decision. I went to France two times. It was a dream for me to see the snow. I always dreamed about going to Paris. I was lucky enough to receive the scholarship and went to study for two years in France. The first year in Paris and second year in Toulouse.

Am I passionate about Technology at that time?

No, it was totally for one and only one reason. I wanted to find a good job and support my family as soon as possible. It worked out well according to the plan. I can say today I have a good job and I started to like Technology.

I build websites and mobile applications.

What I would suggest for the young generation is to start asking yourself what your passion is. When you do something from your heart, the result would be much better than you do just to fulfill your duty.

Here is a good quote I like the most about passion:

If you could do one thing to transform your life, I would highly recommend it be to find something you’re passionate about, and do it for a living. – LEO BABAUTA

When you do something you love, you don’t even feel like working. It’s enjoyable like you’re playing a game. So the first step before you decide to choose which university you should attend, ask yourself first, what you like to do the most.

To help you to find your passion, I would suggest you go to and download the Free Passionate Work Toolkit. Answer to the 27 questions to find your passion. I believe at the end you will have an idea what you like to do the most.

Do not worry much about the market trend. With the revolution of technology and social media, you can find people to pay you to do work you love. You can even start a business with less than 100$. I already started my design business without costing me any money.

Somehow, I will give you an idea of what Cambodia jobs demanded the most in the market. I can’t guaranty the data is accurate 100%. I just do a Info Graphic from the data I got from

Cambodia Jobs – Market Trend

I hope this would give you an idea what are the top Cambodia jobs demanded right now. I wish all the best for your future.

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  1. says

    i want to share something. I used to have meeting with Thai business investor at Thai embassy in Phnom Penh (because i’m Thai that work here). I heard that most heavy industry such as SCG, Honda etc. need more skilled engineer. As i remember, they said that less than 30 engineer graduated from school each year and most of them are lack of skill to pass their qualification and able work in their company. That’s what i heard.

    next is my opinion, i think this country need more science related people such as engineer, programmer, scientist, mathematician, bioengineering, etc. these people are gonna be innovation inventor for this country.

    as you can foresee. technology is gonna be main stream in this country soon. how about people who maintenance infrastructure? such as network engineer, system admin etc. These job are going to be rare in few year.

    anyway, everything is depend on government policy which will lead this country.

    • Santel Phin says

      Hi Norakaa,

      Thank a lot for sharing information with us. Glad to know that you work in Thai Embassy. Keep in touch!

      • says

        sorry for make you misunderstanding. I mean i am working in Phnom Penh. not in Thai embassy. sorry for my bad English.

        Is there any way to edit my comment?

        • Santel Phin says

          Thank for your reply. I think that’s Ok since you made the correction here. It should be fine in any case!

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