Tep Livina: How To Become An Outstanding College Student

How To Become An Outstanding College Student

I met Livina at BarCamp Phnom Penh two years ago.

I didn’t know much about him until I watched Loy9 Bright Spot Tep Livina here. He also spoke about Inspiring Youth through Inspiring Education at TEDxPhnomPenh here.

He was a gangster. Until he got shot one night.

Lucky enough he was not killed. The bullet just passed through his leg. He didn’t have other choice than to stay at home for one month.

That was an important month for Livina’s life. A month that could change a person’s life. A month that Livina could see what he could not see before.

What I admire the most in him is that he is honest and opened. He’s the most committed person I’ve never met. He’s the man who sets goal in his life and know how to commit to archive it.

He finally archived his goal to be an outstanding student.

His book “How To Become An Outstanding College Student” is a manifesto of a personal journey that proves we can change our life.

After telling honestly about his personal story, Livina told exactly how he did to change his life from a gangster to an outstanding student.

There are 3 important parts in his book: Self-development, Study Smart and Study skills for outstanding students.

I think it’s important for every student to find out what we love and choose the right major in college.

As I mentioned in one of my previous post here: many of young Cambodians finish by going to multiple schools, decided by others.

It’s our life. You need to know what make you happy. Don’t ask others! You should ask yourself what you want to be and set your life plan.

I recommend this book to every student, especially those who want to make a change in life. It’s never too late. Grab the book and make a change, one at a time like Livina said!

I asked few questions to Livina, hope you enjoy reading them:

Santel: Have you ever thought if there was no shooting accident, what will you become today?

Livina: I guess I would be like most of my friends with whom I spent my time. They are now doing nothing big with their life or still living in the down side of life.

Santel: A month of staying home gave you an opportunity to look back at yourself from A to Z. That one month has completely changed your life. We will not have that one month to think or look at ourselves. Should we take a vocation or going somewhere else to create a life’s plan?

Livina: Making self-reflection is definitely one of the most important things a person needs to do regularly. He/she does not necessarily have to take a vacation or anything because self-reflection can be done before one goes to bed every night.

Santel: You are the co-founder of EdNiCHE Center, can you tell us a bit more on how students can get from the center?

Livina: EdNiCHE Center offers quality English language training. It is probably the first center in Cambodia to guarantee the quality of its training and students. Taking our 12-level general English program called Efficient English Language Learning (EELL) Program, students are guaranteed an IELTS score of 6 after their graduation or they can come back to study forever.

Santel: By founding your own company, what do you see about entrepreneurship in Cambodia? What are the difficulties you experiences that you can share to people who want also create their own company?

Livina: Entrepreneurship is obviously not a new thing in Cambodia even though many so-called entrepreneurship trainers say it is new. It is great for youths to stop thinking of having a job after graduating from schools and start creating jobs for other people through business. There are many challenges in starting a business. First, the founders need to have a clear vision of their business. Second, they must be skillful or else they will have to spend a lot of money on human resources, at least at the start-up period. Third, they have to be well capitalized. With a lot of money, they can do business with more confidence and make decision more easily.

Santel: Thank you for writing the book. It’s a strange bravery from a Cambodian. Your personal story will continue to inspire Cambodian students. You say the book is just the beginning between you and the readers. Are you going to write more books?

Livina: In fact, I am in the process of publishing another Personal Development book titled “I’m the Master: Changing from the inside out”. This book will benefit a lot of people who want to be guided on the path to success.

To buy How To Become An Outstanding College Student, please call to 016455548 to order.

Visit teplivina.com for more self-development tips.

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