Should I buy a smart phone for my girlfriend?

For a couple, showing each other love is very important and can be done in many different ways.

When it comes to 21st century, the century of materialism, people tend to express their care and love by giving their loved one a gift on a special day especially modern expensive gadgets.

What kind of gadget should you buy for her?

Yeah! Most people and maybe including you would have smartphone in mind. What is special about smartphone?

Technologists have made a usually-known as gadget for call into something very functional and attractive for modern life.

Smart phone is very useful in many ways and it should be a priority in your buying list for your girlfriend.

Talking about smartphones, there are varieties of smartphones available in the market regarding to their operating system, brand, model, function, performance, and more.

When you decide to buy a smartphone for your love, the most important thing you have to think of first is its operating system.

There are 2 operating systems which are very popular amongst smartphone users, iOS and Android.

iOS runs only on Apple gadgets like iPod, iPhone, and iPad. iPhone is the only Apple phone running iOS. So far, the iOS has reach its iOS 5 version and the iPhone has come to iPhone 4S.

Android was created by Google. Android comes with almost any types of phones such as Samsung, LG, Motoral, HTC. Android is becoming very popular in the recent years.

This operating system has reached the version of 4.0 named Android ice cream sandwich. We call phone that run Android operating system as Android phone.

What is the difference between these two operating systems?

The two have many technical different aspects but they are both smartphone in common. The two kinds of smartphone are designed as user-friendly and easy-to-use device.

We suggest you finding review to know more about the technical differences between them.

Android phone or iPhone?

It seems to be overwhelming when you decide to choose between Android phone and iPhone but do not be worried, just do it step by step.

First you have to establish your budget. How much money you have in your pocket? You don’t need to spend all of your money for just buying her a phone.

iPhone is usually very expensive compared to Android phone. For iPhone 4S without contract, price start from around USD 650 while Android phone price starts from only around USD 100 to around USD 700.

Average in price and quality Android phone is around USD 250. Android phone win iPhone for the price since it is cheaper or much cheaper than iPhone.

Second, you should find out her style and preferences. Android phone comes with many brands and models but iOS comes with only iPhone.

If you decide to buy an Android phone, you would have many options to choose but you should know which one suits her. She will appreciate your gift if you could give her phone that match with her preferences rather than an expensive one.

Is it useful to buy a smart phone for someone?

As today is digital area, having a smartphone is very beneficial. From day to day, smartphone is playing an important role in people lives.

People use smartphone to surf internet and communicate more efficiently, to assist their works, to find direction to somewhere. Giving her a smartphone is a part of care and it’s the same as the feeling that you care about her.

Does she know how to make benefit of it?

Sure! She’ll learn from using it.

At least, she could use Facebook and watch video on YouTube. Since smartphone is user-friendly and very easy to use, she would spend only a few days to learn using it.

Buying your girlfriend a smartphone is not compulsory but it is something you should consider.

When you decide to buy her one, we recommend you buying an Android phone if you are on budget because Android phone is much cheaper than iPhone and do not forget to make her surprise then the gift you give would be more meaningful.

Which model of smart phone are you using? How much did you pay for it?

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    There’s also another issue, when we break up, do we ask back the phone? 

    Here is the link to a popular song that talks about a man who ask the phone back because he spent all his money to buy it for her and she didn’t recognize his effort. 

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