Sovanna KEM: Shooting makes me feel great

I hope everyone knows about their passion.

That’s the main core of everybody’s life. That’s the reason makes you wake up every morning. That’s what you live your life for.

It is very important to find your passion. If you not yet know your passion, don’t worry because you are not alone.

I would recommend a good post from Leo Babauta: The Short but Powerful Guide to Finding Your Passion

It would give you an idea how to find your passion.

Today, I am exciting to write a post about Sovanna KEM. I hope it could give a reflection to yourself and it might, in some way, help you to discover what’s hiding inside your body.

Few weeks ago, I started to get photos updated from his profile. The photos didn’t cover any big event or specific subject.

I think we call it “Street Photos”.

What I like the most in his photos is that any ordinary people, place and circumstance could be a subject to shoot. He didn’t make any preparation or ask people to get ready for shooting. He try to capture everything naturally with his own skill and imagination.

To understand more about his passion, I asked Sovanna few questions:

Santel: Recently I saw you went everywhere in the city to take the photos. Is it a part of photo project or just because you love taking photo?

Sovanna: I went out everywhere in the city to take photos because I love taking photo, and I used to think about became a photographer since I finished high school in 1998. At that time, my family so poor so that why I can’t take the course at CCF.

Santel: What I like the most in your photos is that you know how to click on the right moment where people didn’t prepare anything. What kind of emotion you want to be appear in your photos?

Sovanna: I just want to shot, I like to shot art photo than journal photo. My photos are simple. Shooting makes me feel great even my photos are not good at all.

Santel: Did you learn or have any special course on Photograph?

Sovanna: Since January 2012, I have studied a photography course at Centre Culturel Français (CCF) de Phnom Penh with Mr. Tang Chhinsothy (AFP Photographer). I study one day a week on Saturday.

Santel: Where can we find your photos online?

Sovanna: People can find all photos I shoot on my Facebook. Now I am busy with my work from Monday-Friday, I am free on Saturday and Sunday for shooting.

Now it is time to ask yourself what do you want to do the most? Life is not just about work and money. You need to find your passion.

What make you life happy?

I believe everybody got different passion. I am happy that I found my passion. I can say today I am passionate about blogging and social media.

That passion gives me a good balance to make my life happy at work and home with my family. I hope you also could spend sometime to find out your passion and make your time to follow it.

It is good if you could make a living out of your passion. KhmerBird recently published a post about THEAM Lim: I affirm that we can make a living out of our passion.

That’s OK if you cannot earn your living out of your passion. Find it out to make your life more happy. Take the case of Sovanna as an example. Sovanna doesn’t make any money from his passion. He is now working in an Insurance company.

But I think taking photos would make his days better. I think he would be more than happy to talk more about his passion personally with you. You can make friend with him at his Facebook Profile.

Below, some photos from Sovanna’s shootings. You can also meet him in person at his shop “Srey Mom Banh Sung” on the Street 130.

It’s a delicious Banh Sung you can find in town, believe me!

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