How To Become a Morning Person

Become a morning person is the best practice to get more productivity. After talking a good sleep, you energy is renewed, your braid is free and fresh.

I get up at 04:30 AM. That’s the good time for me to work on blogging and doing other stuff online.

How did I do that?

I was not a morning person. I used to be a guy who works late at night (sometime after mid night) and get up late. Then by listening to podcast, I realized there are a lot of person who get up early.

They call themselves the morning people!

Angkor Wat sunrise

Wait a minute! I started to ask myself.

I already get tired with my full day job. When I arrived home. I didn’t play with my kid. I didn’t talk to my wife. Just after dinner, I start to work on my computer.

That was not good. I was not in the productive mode anymore. And sometime I made a fight with my kid. He wanted me to play with him.

My wife even sometime said I love my laptop, not her.

What if I change my habit to be a morning person? Michael Hyatt inspired my a lot in this change. You can listen to his latest podcast for more tips about How to become a morning person.

By changing my habit I start to have win win situation. When I arrive from office, I don’t open my computer. I play with my kid. I talk to my wife. We enjoyed the evening together until we go to bed.

We usually go to bed at 10:00 PM and get up at 04:30. After I get up, I turn on the light and drink a glass of water, then start to work.

I would love to have a coffee but we don’t have coffee machine yet. I hope I could buy one soon to boot up my productivity.

Then I start working on my blog. I usually write blog post at that time until 06:00 AM. Then I do a small exercise for around 15 minutes. After then, just before taking a bath, I clean milk’s bottles of my kid.

That’s my routine. I applied this for a month or two now. It works for me!

Are you a morning person or do you plan to become one?

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  1. says

    I love this bang, what you have done not just making yourself to be a morning person but rebuilding your family relationship. That’s what I love if we just have made a success with our work but losing the relationship in the family it is worthless.

  2. says

    Hi Santel,
    Everyone should have at least 8 hours sleep. In my opinion, you must get enough sleep but your morning routine is good.

    • says

      Thank Ramy,

      I just read your side effect of lack of sleep. I will try to sleep a bit earlier so that I can sleep more and wake up at the same time at 04:30 AM.

  3. says

    Oh … Yes! You make me love your article. That’s helpful.

    I am a Night Person, but I wanna be a Morning Person also. I will try when I get married… hehe.

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