My Memory of Angkor Wat Tour

If we talk about the 7 wonders of the world, Angkor Wat is one of them. Angkor Wat is a world heritage, located at Siem Reap province, Cambodia.

Angkor Wat Tour

It is a place not to be missed, not only local people visit, but also the international visitors who spend their money to see this beautiful temple.

There are plenty reasons that attract many visitors visit this marvelous place.

There are many ancient temples at Siem Reap province. Amount them there is only one unique special temple that attracts the visitors the most.

It is “Angkor Wat”.

I do love to visit this place because it always makes me feel awesome when I see those temple.

When I went inside the temple, I noticed that along the wall, there are many sculptures. The guide told me those sculptures are all about Cambodian history in Angkor Era.

As I walked along, I noticed that most of the sculptures on the wall are showing us about lifestyle, wars, entertainment and Khmer traditional games.

If we see it, we might think it is just a simple sculptures on the wall. But it is not like what people think. Those sculptures were curved since ages.

At that period, they did not have electricity or electronic equipment but they still can do it. I cannot believe my eyes.

But it is the true in history.

People are always misunderstood about this point. Moreover, some people just see the beautiful of it but they do not even know where the stone was taken. It is not the mystery but we can surely find it in history.

Angkor Wat has 5 towers. I used to try myself by stand in the middle of entrance, what I can see only 3 towers. But when you move a bit, there are 5 towers.

It is a marvelous view that I have never seen before.

Moreover, we can find the most beautiful view of Angkor Wat in the early morning. I used to go to Angkor Wat in the early morning around 4 o’clock.

There were many people gather in front of the temple and waiting for sunrise. I could not believe my eyes how much I love it. When the sunrise, many people were very busy with their cameras and they cannot take away their eyes from it. The sun rises behind the temple, then Angkor Wat becomes a golden temple in the clear blue sky.

In addition, history is an another crucial part for Angkor Wat. As I am a Cambodian, I have to know the history of Angkor Wat temple.

From what I learned there were many reasons why our ancestors build the pond around Angkor Wat temple. The first reason is because it is the water way to transport the stones from Kulen mountain. Those stones used for build the whole temple.

The second reason, this water was use for protection from the attack of the enemies. No one wanted to cross this water way or they will die. You know why? Because there were crocodiles.

The last point is that it could help the concrete of the temple. The water can help the land stable in order to hold the temple.

Angkor Wat is a place that everybody, both national and international people, want to visit. It is now one of the world heritage temples.

There are plenty of inspirations in it.

It shows the next generation about how powerful Cambodian was at Angkor Era period. In my view, as we are Cambodian, we should pay attention to maintain the temples for more generations to visit it and learn about us.

It must be great for our country reputation.

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