How To Earn Money Without Doing Extra Work

How To Earn Without Doing Extra Work

How much do you spend per day? Have you ever counted?

If not, I would suggest you do it now!

There’s one thing I learn about Finance is that when I cannot earn more, the best way to keep life balance is to reduce my expense.

It’s easy to understand but sometime we just forget it.

Until my wife complained how could I spend 50$ in just one day. She was not totally right but she did remind me something. I did spend sometime more than 10$ per day without notice.

I usually pay for two meals: breakfast and lunch. Without paying attention, I spent 5$ for breakfast, including a cup of Ice coffee. Then sometime I spend 2.5$ for a set lunch, sometime more than this.

As you could see, at least I spend 7.5$ per day.

Starting this new year 2013, I told myself I need to revise my expense and see how I could reduce it.

That’s possible. Now I spend only 2.5$ for breakfast + 2.5$ for lunch = 5$ per day.

I think it’s the minimum one right?

Maybe you know a cheaper places in town but I work at the airport. I don’t have much choices.

I hope this post would bring your attention to revise your daily expense. I am sure there’s a way to eat good food and pay less.

What is your daily expense, would you like to share?

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