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Blog topics what to write about

To build a business around your blog, it needs to follow the same rules that all successful businesses follow. Your site needs to solve a problem or address a need or desire. – Corbett Barr

Minear, one of our readers asked me what she could write. She wanted to start a blog but she didn’t know what to write about. She didn’t know what kind of blog topics she should choose. I will answer to her question in this blog post.

It might give you some ideas if you also plan to have a blog soon.

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What To Write About

Most of people say they want to write something. But they never start to write, even a single word. They wait and wait. Some say they wait until their English is perfect. Some say they don’t have time.

You can continue to make thousand excuses for yourself. But if you really want to write, I am sure you can start today. Immediately just after reading this post.

To me there are only two types of writing: write for yourself or write for others.

There is no magic formula to assure which type of writing works best for blog. It really depends on the blog topics and impacts you could make through your writing.

1. Write for yourself

Blog is like a diary that you want to share with public. You can write about how your day passed, things you have done during the day or your vocation plan. You can write about anything you want.

I group blog topics ideas that you could write for yourself, on your blog, in a few categories:


if you are not happy, blog about it. If you have something to complain, blog about it. Treat your blog as a place where you can complain about anything. If you have a bad score in your exam, blog about it.

Once you blogged, all the stress will be gone. By just write about it, you will feel better. People who follow your blog will comment and motivate you. They can eventually help you to find solution or fix your problem too. People on the web are kind and have a strong willing to help each other.

Try it out!


If you are scared of ghost, write about it. I believe, after a few months, you will be able to stay alone in the room or walk in the dark.

Take your time to look at yourself. What are the scariest things in your life? Then start to write about it. If you keep everything in your mind, it won’t come out of yourself. Writing will help you to understand yourself. Writing will help you to eliminate your fears.

Because clarity comes only after you take actions.


If you like movies, blog about it. If you like football, blog about it. If you like taking photos, share those photos on your blog.

When you have passion on something, I am sure you want to share it to others. Blog will become your own platform where you could form a community and interact with people who have the same passion as you.

What are you waiting for?


If you dream to become a Cambodian prime minister, blog about it. If you want to become a famous writer, blog about it. If you want to see Cambodian people to have a better life, blog about it. I am sure there are many other people who make the same dreams as you. They are waiting for you to lead the tribe.

If you really want something, one day it will come.

2. Write for others

You can start writing for others since the beginning but it will require you to work hard. Or you can start to write for yourself first. See what kind of blog optics interest your readers the most, then you can decide if you want to be an expert and write for them.

Write for others is an advanced skill. You need to have disciplines and consistencies.

You don’t write for yourself anymore. There are hundreds (if not thousand) of readers who wait for you to publish a new article.

You need to find your own motivation to maintain your life balance.

I group blog topics ideas that you could write for others, on your blog, in a few categories:

Tutorials – Tips – How To

This is the most popular blog topics in the world. People need solution to fix their problem. If you can provide solution, they will love you. They will pay you if you ask for.

If your blog can solve a problem to others, you found the right blog topics. Keep writing, interacting with your readers and figure out what the real issue that people have. If you could create product or service that help those people to solve their problem, you can create a business with your blog.

That how a few hundreds of people become full-time bloggers and earn their living from their blogs.


The best way to write for others is to share your expertise. If you know how to take a good picture in any circumstance, people might want to read what you write. Because they want to take a good picture as well.

By sharing your expertise, you will become an authority blogger in that field. You can make a name out of your blog. Business will come later.

Motivation – Inspire – Influence

Often, people need others to inspire them, to motivate them and to influence in their daily lives. We have a feeling that self-judgment is not enough. We need a role model. We need to see how people passed that difficult time. We want to see if it really work before we try it out by ourselves.

If you could write to motivate people to do something, it could become a good topic for your blog.


I arranged those blog topics by experience and age. But you can pick any type of blog topics that interest you. The best way is to start it now and see how people react to it.

You will never know that in one year, you could become a popular blogger. I say one year because blogging journey is long. You need to have patience and believe in yourself that you could make it.

I hope this will help you, especially Minear, to have some ideas what to write about. Do let me know if you have any question or want me to develop more details in any particularly session.

Drop me a comment below this post!


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    • Santel Phin says

      Thank Sopheak. There’s no problem to translate into Khmer. I believe there are also a lot of Cambodian bloggers who want to know what they can write. I hope it will help them to find a good topic for their blog.

  1. says

    You are right bro.
    Procrastination plays a major role in the failure of internet marketing. I’ve been delaying for months before taking any action.

    Now I could slowly overcome it by getting hands dirty in this field. Passion is a big big affection for writing. I found it hard to write about something that I don’t interest.

    BTW, my English is not good, but we could improve it by practicing. It will be improving days by days as I’ve noticed myself. I could learn from mistake, right?

    For me, I’ve already finished my initial step of topic research to build my first niche site on. Currently, I’m researching the right keywords to write about as well as to be easier to rank in search engines.
    I don’t know whether it’ going to be successful or not, it’s better than doing nothing.

    Anyways, thanks for your nice post again!


    • Santel Phin says

      Hi Rithy,

      It’s good to hear that you started already. It might take some time but if we keep working hard, good things will come.

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