Sok Srey Neang appears again in Bigman Production [Video]

Sok Srey Neang, she’s one of my favorite.

I confessed already in my post 14 Remarkable Cambodian Songs in 21st Century.

She left the music industry when she decided to get married. I know a lot of people are missing her voice and performance.

Today she’s back!

She’s back with a very nice song that appears in Bigman Production VCD vol.7 called “Bek Knea Ler or Cheang” (It is better to break up).

The song is one amount others new songs that showed us about the Cambodian people’s emotion. The way they treat their feeling and love has improved. The song talked about a love story of a woman who decide to give up the one she loved. She tried to open her mind and accept the reality.

It is a bit sad to see love dies like this but it is better to finish it now. I totally agreed on this new principle. I wrote an open love letter few years ago. If such difficult situation happens to you, I would suggest you go somewhere for a while. Look at things around you and give yourself a new start.

Few years a go, there are many songs talked about affairs. Some women accepted to have secret affair because they loved their boyfriend or married man. It was difficult for them to let things go.

Today young people are learning and improving their way to manage the feeling.

I hope you will enjoy what Srey Neang describes about her feeling in this love song. Don’t forget to share in the comment box what is your current Cambodian favorite song.

via Bigman Production


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    I think she’d better off become a movie star. She would look great as an actress. Having said that, I mean the singing market in Cambodia is just too congested now for her.

  2. says

    I like her voice too, I saw her singing last week. Will she get more face and popularity again after getting married? Hopefully, she will be supported by young fans. Bigman production is competing with other productions.

  3. says

    I read magazine yesterday about her life after married. She is having a hard time and difficulty in earning money.

    That’s why she came back to music industry. I think this song is beautiful and will lead her to the same place as she was before.

    All my best wish to her.


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