KhmerBird need more writers for original contents

As you know that KhmerBird vision is to help promoting Cambodia via blog and social media. This blog started to earned little by little and we need more writers from Cambodia to write original contents about Cambodia.

The monthly revenue can support two or three writers, where one content can start from minimum 1 USD to 5 USD. If anyone interests please contact me, we can discuss more details on how we can work together.

It is good if you have a wordpress blog already, you know how wordpress works. If not, it is not difficult to learn on how to write and edit a post. This is not a problem. The important part is that you like writing and express things on your own way. My goal is to add more good contents about Cambodia on this blog.

This is the first announcement, I will explain a bit below why you should write for KhmerBird.

The blog have been classified as the top blog from Cambodia by various web analysis websites such as:

KhmerBird is ranked # 121 the most viewed website from Cambodia. You can visit this link to see the real-time result, I believed soon this blog will be one among the top 100 popular websites from Cambodia.

Your writing will be Tweeted to more than 6,000 followers of my twitter account @Khmerbird, shared to more than 900 fans across Facebook and posted on more than 2,400 walls of my Facebook’s friends.

Now you know one blog post on KhmerBird will be distributed and shared to around 10,000 people. It is time to join and let people read and enjoy your writing. Your voice will be recognized and make yourself known across the different networks.

If you have need any other information, please contact me.

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  1. says

    Right now, you are promoting your blog by hiring freelancers to produce original content for you. what kind of content? I hope that your blog will be well-known in the future…good luck.

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