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  1. sok thim says

    I have read the facebook concerning VN accused our Khmer song composers stole their properties, translating their songs into ours. How shameful it is. why do we Khmers have to do this? where is your personal and national pride?

    I am dismayed and very disappointed with our youngersters/ younger generations that being fooled in supporting such criminal acts of those song compsers and the singers. If that is true, it reflecting that those who led and those who followed are nothing but piece of garbage that detroyed the pride of our nation. Those should be tried in the court of law and send to jail.

    • says

      I read about this too. If we continue to copy, there’s no creation. In fact we need to support new creation and I still believe we have talent people in our country.

      As you mention, apply law would help to reduce the copy. I even heard some music production even buy the right to copy from others countries,

      But that’s another problem.

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