Judgment From Khmer Rouge Tribunal – Case 002/01

Khmer Rouge Tribunal

I shared my understanding about Khmer Rouge regime here. On the 07 August 2014, The Khmer Rouge tribunal announced their judgement on the two Khmer Rouge leaders: Nuon Chea and Khieu Samphan. They both found guilty of crime against humanity and will be jailed for life. Here is the highlight of the … [Read more...]

How Good Is Your Customer Service

customer service

I will share you a story. It happened to me few days ago. If you're business owner, you need to read this. I usually go to buy baby stuff for my kids. That time, I couldn't find the correct pants size. So I asked the staff who worked there. She said it was out of stock. I went to another one. It was out … [Read more...]

Forums Are Now Available For Free Advertising


There are many forums out there, why I create them again here? It's a good question. There are some suggestions from some friends and readers to create such forums quite long time ago. But I didn't have time to set up. I created them for those who want to get their information to be found by people. … [Read more...]

Love Me Love My Blog

KhmerBird Family

starting from 1st July 2014, I commit to a new editorial schedule. We published 5 posts per week from Monday to Friday. Some posts were written by me and some were written by others. You may notice the articles under the name of Editorial Staff. We paid for those articles. Most of them cost us $5.50 (for 500 … [Read more...]