Judgment From Khmer Rouge Tribunal – Case 002/01

Khmer Rouge Tribunal

I shared my understanding about Khmer Rouge regime here. On the 07 August 2014, The Khmer Rouge tribunal announced their judgement on the two Khmer Rouge leaders: Nuon Chea and Khieu Samphan. They both found guilty of crime against humanity and will be jailed for life. Here is the highlight of the judgment: So far, I didn't hear they both … [Read more...]

How Good Is Your Customer Service

customer service

I will share you a story. It happened to me few days ago. If you're business owner, you need to read this. I usually go to buy baby stuff for my kids. That time, I couldn't find the correct pants size. So I asked the staff who worked there. She said it was out of stock. I went to another one. It was out of stock as well. "Out of stock" is … [Read more...]