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KhmerBird Family

starting from 1st July 2014, I commit to a new editorial schedule. We published 5 posts per week from Monday to Friday. Some posts were written by me and some were written by others. You may notice the articles under the name of Editorial Staff. We paid for those articles. Most of them cost us […]

Why I Made This Change Again

New look of KhmerBird

You might realized I have been quiet for a while. First reason is that Vitou, my son, has a serious eyes allergy. He needs to take the eyes’ drop regularly. This week is second week. The read point in his eyes disappeared little by little. The Situation is improving a lot. But still he needs […]

More Contributors Will Join KhmerBird as Writers


I did a call for writers. Since the blog continues to grow, it is good if we could publish more contents. We will maintain from one to two updates per week. You might already read first post from Anita and Kon Khmer. More contributors will be coming very soon. I am excited to have them […]