Advertising Opportunities and New Editorial Schedule

Advertising Opportunities

You now can buy Ad space from KhmerBird. I have been asked about the advertising opportunities on KhmerBird for quite sometime. I just replied them I don't have the rate yet. Now I prepared a media kit (for the very first time since 2008), which you can learn more about the main topics of the blog, the readers and advertising opportunities. Click here for more information I also want to change the … [Read more...]

Forums Are Now Available For Free Advertising


There are many forums out there, why I create them again here? It's a good question. There are some suggestions from some friends and readers to create such forums quite long time ago. But I didn't have time to set up. I created them for those who want to get their information to be found by people. Advertising costs us a lot of money. Let's consider these forums as a free advertising platform. You … [Read more...]

Love Me Love My Blog

KhmerBird Family

starting from 1st July 2014, I commit to a new editorial schedule. We published 5 posts per week from Monday to Friday. Some posts were written by me and some were written by others. You may notice the articles under the name of Editorial Staff. We paid for those articles. Most of them cost us $5.50 (for 500 words) and there were a few that we need to pay $10.50 (for 1000 words). To me personally, I am … [Read more...]

New Editorial Calendar Will Start This July 2014

New Editorial Calendar

You might know I stepped back and gave myself a break last month. I redefined the theme of this blog to "Life beyond Technology". After Somongkul was born, the situation was not easy to control. I need to change my schedule to adapt to the situation. My main purpose is to pass my time with my family as much as possible. At the same time I want to make my online business grow. How to balance between these … [Read more...]

What Is The Future of KhmerBird


I had chance to work on new design the whole Sunday last weekend. I hope you noticed some changes. It is not only about the design. I want to redefine the new future of this blog. What does it mean to me? And what does it mean to the rest of the world? I mean you! my readers, my supporters and my first true 100 fans. I can't say thank you enough. This blog might not survive until today without your support. It's … [Read more...]