Angkor Wat Replica in India?

Angkor Wat

Today, the news about Angkor Wat replica in India spread over internet and it becomes a very hot topic among Cambodian internet users. According to BBC news website, a Hindu trust in eastern state of Bihar in India has already started building a bigger and taller replica of Cambodia’s Angkor Wat temple. The project costs [...]

5 Tips How Cambodian Should Treat Foreigners or Tourists


Photo credit:Destination Wedding in Cambodia Mark J. Sebastian | This is a Guest Post by Mr. Livina Tep, a Cambodian owner of Earlier this month, there was a hot Facebook discussion amongst Cambodian people about a couple blog posts about Cambodia and Cambodian people written by a tourist coming to Cambodia. The posts [...]

We Need To Be Brave

The brave Pig

The brave pig is still undecided To dive or not to dive? That is the question… Photo by Emiliano Definition I saw bravery is many action films. Braveheart of Mel Gibson is one of the films I remember. I believe Cambodian need to be brave, brave of being who we are, brave to live our [...]

What Cause Traffic Jam in Cambodia?


Traffic jams are currently causing boredom in many places over the world where cities are booming. And here in the Kingdom of Cambodia, especially in Phnom Penh, her Capital city, traffic jams are marking boring waiting along the tiny roads too. Fortunately, the jam situations in Phnom Penh and some other crowed places are not [...]