Income Report January 2014

The goal have been set even before the end of 2013. The execution is still in a learning process. But at least I started to develop habits. I am putting myself to write at least 60 minutes per day. I commit to sleep at least 7 hours per day. I started to do exercise regularly 20 minutes per day (it hurts my body!). When I arrive home, I focus on my family. I play and talk with my son. I wake up early at 5:00 AM to start doing my own things.

I can say I am managing myself in a productive way. Let’s see how I could improve this.

The income is increasing

I earn a total of $469.13 in January 2014. It’s a slow increasing but I am happy to see the result. Here is the graph of income compared to previous months:


Income Streams

I planed to increase my revenue by looking for more income streams.

We can’t depend on only one source. It’s important for online business. I am sorry to hear from a friend that his Adsense account was suspended. At the same time I am sure he will find his way to generate income from other sources.

I am now offering web development and consulting service. You can learn more details here.

Our Clickable theme made 5 sales last month. I planed to contact to themes promoting website’s to let them know that we offer 50% of commission if they like to promote our theme. I am sure more sales will come!

I managed to sell two copies of my eBook “Cambodia In My Dream“. I also offer the pdf version with a very low price at $2.99. This sale will come directly to me account.

I still not doing well with Amazon affiliate. I hope in few months I can increase the revenue from Amazon. I am now in process of developing a niche site from my passion for movies. I hope to see my grown in the next few months.

Here is the details of the income streams:


My Strategy

I started to invest more in learning. Now I am a member of I pay $14.5 per month and I can get one audio book. Now I am listening to Epic Content Marketing, which I love and learn a lot about content marketing.

I need to be more serious with my editorial calendar. Today I still can’t manage to publish at the exact date. I need to work more harder to prepare the contents in advance so that I can have a consistency in delivery good contents to my audiences.

That’s it for now. I hope you enjoy the post. I will see you next week.

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    • Santel Phin says

      Hi Ol,

      Are you interesting in blogging course? I think to create an online course that will help people to become a blogger. Let me know if you’re interested, I will inform you when the course is ready.


      • says

        Hello brother,

        Thank you so much for your great inspiration! You’re so awesome!
        Could you help me by sharing your successful story? I am going to want to blog a section about successful people in Cambodia and wanted to show the world that Cambodian people have high intention and passion to develop new things like other people from developed countries.

        Also, hope you drop by my blog often :)

        • Santel Phin says

          Thank for the offer. I not yet consider myself as a successful blogger yet, But I am happy to share my story.

          I am kind busy right now since our 2nd son is born, but hope I can send you something by the end of this month.


  1. says

    Brother, that is pretty amount of earning. Actually, I did not make much money with PPC adverting and affiliate program, however, this money I could earned $280 with freelancing. Keep up great work, I love learnt the new thing such as this

    • Santel Phin says

      Thank you Bro. I hope I could reach my goals at the end of this year. Need to work hard! I wish you have success in your blog and your online business. Cheers!

    • Santel Phin says

      Hi Visal, hope you can share your expertise in niche sites, especially with Amazon affiliate.

      What are the keys to success with Amazon?

      • says

        About Niche Site with Amazon, I always choose easy keywords and I think many find it to build backlink with FB, G+, Tweet, Pinterest, Tumblr and a little bit build with web that have PR. I never build backlink too much or build with the same IP hosting.

    • Santel Phin says

      Yes it’s growing but I still can’t assure it will be sustainable enough. I need to have more income streams.

  2. Santel Phin says

    Thank you Sophy. We will see how it grow but there’s one thing I am sure of is that my vision is clear and I am very confidence in doing these things. I need to maintain my commitment and hopefully good things will come to those who wait.

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