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Welcome, I’m Santel Phin, the owner of KhmerBird.

I work full-time as an IT Project Manager for over 10 years now. This blog was born because of my passion in Technology. The main topics I cover on this blog are:

  • How can we use Technology to improve our live?
  • How can small business benefit from the new media platforms such as: blogging, social media and smartphone to promote their business and build their brand online?
  • How can we use the web efficiently?
  • How can we tell a story of our business that connects to people and make them understand why we do what’s we are doing?

If these questions connect or resonate with you, it means we are connected.

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Here what other people said about me:

Tyan Young from Cambodian Alliance:

Meet Santel. He runs a social media blog about Cambodia and always knows what’s going on in his country. If it happened, more than likely it’s on his blog. He’s smart, talented, determined and loves his country!

Ben Kellas via comment:

Santel you are the Social Media King of Cambodia. Keep up the great work!

Peter Hogan from Khmer440:

Santel is a local rather than an expat but he richly deserves to be on any Cambodia twitter top ten.

Rob Schneider from Sihanoukville Cambodia Journal:

I’ve found more fascinating information about Cambodia and Cambodian culture on Khmerbird than I’ve found in one place anywhere else, either online or in print.

This is a short video from TechCamp Phnom Penh 2013:

It’s another video from TechCamp, where I appeared almost at the end of the video:

Me, KhmerBird, in various interviews

About me, personally

Techcamp 2013

I started this blog in 2008, without knowing what a blog is. My original attention was to inform the world about new version of Cambodia and what was really happening in the country. Then, a lot of things changed during these past few years.

People are starting using Facebook, sharing news and information. That’s the great things. We are connected and can get real-time updates from anywhere in the world.

I see a lot of opportunities that small business could benefit from the internet. Everyone now can bring their business online, build their brand and let people find them on the web. They can get direct connection with customers to get feedback and grow their business.

It’s my pleasure to share what I know about the web.

Keep in touch!

I hope this blog will help you to see the benefits of bringing your business online, be present on the web and let people find you more easier.

I share what is working in the world of internet marketing. Those tools and tips will help you to build your brand on the internet, with less cost than traditional advertising.

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