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Hey everyone,

Welcome to KhmerBird. My name is Santel Phin. I live and work in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. I started this blog in 2008. It was just a hobbit. I like writing. I thought it was great if I had my own place to publish my writing.

WordPress make everything easy. I setup my blog and maintain it myself since the beginning.

I shared a lot of information related to Cambodia. At that time, people are ill-informed about what was happening in the country. I wanted the world to know Cambodia is not a killing field or a scary country anymore. There are lives, smile and happy people living in the country.

Now you might find a lot of good websites that talk about Cambodia. You have Twitter, Facebook that help to spread the news in real-time.

I changed my interest into online business and learn how I could generate additional income online to support my family.

It is hard to make money online. I tried so many things without success. I looked for shortcuts. But let me remind you that there’s no free money in this world. Everything come from working hard.

The principal of online business and offline business are the same. We need to provide value first before we ask people to open their wallet and buy things from us.

Here what I can help you

When I first started my online business, I wish someone told me exactly what I need to do. I learned everything on my own. I wanted my blog to be popular to everyone. I wanted to sell everything I found on the internet to them.

I was wrong. Nobody bought shit on my blog. I lost a lot of my time and energy.

I didn’t know who I write to. I didn’t know who were visiting my blog and what they want. I wanted them to buy and help me to generate more income.

It was about me, me and me.

Business doesn’t work that way.

We are now having an opportunity to start an online business with less than $100. We need to start it in a right way. We need to know our roadmap and have a proper mindset to build our own online business from scratch.

It is my pleasure if I could help you to start an online business. That’s what I write on this blog. There are different stages of building a successful online business. It won’t happen overnight but you can make it for sure.

If what I just told you similar to your situation, we are on the same boat. I share everything I learn about online business for free. I write very personal weekly newsletter in which I share my struggles in my online business and how I resolve theme.

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